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Autonomous Learning

No description

Laura Moros

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of Autonomous Learning

Double click anywhere & add an idea AUTONOMOUS LEARNING Laura M Laura Moros Objectives ~ Learn what autonomous learning is in order to apply it as a fundamental tool in the learning process.

~ Understand what the role of the teacher and the student is while using autonomous learning Contents * definition
* student's role
* teacher's role
* learning styles
* advantages and disadvantages
* conclusion def Definition Autonomous learning is the process through which the student identifies what his learning abilities are and what he has to work on in order to decide what resources and strategies he will implement in his learning process. Student's Role....
It is very important for the student to follow some steps or requirements in order for this learning process to be effective. * - He must be willing to learn
- Be responsible for his own learning
- Use different learning methods
- Create a learning method that's convenient for them. Teacher's Role - The teacher must act like a tutor.
- There must be a great amount of communication
between the teacher and the student.
- The learning process must be personalized.
- He must be willing to adapt to the student's needs. Learning Styles Learning Strategies Some of the strategies used are:
- Repitition
- Translation
- Note taking
- Questions for clarification
- Deduction
- Selective attention
- Self-evaluation
- Self-monitoring
- self-reinforcement Advantages and Disadvantages ***Advantages***
- The student can find out the way he learns.
- The student becomes more responsible.
- The teacher can learn to see his student's learning necessities.
- Classes are more personalized. ***disadvantages***
- There is more responsability required for the student.
- The teacher must be available to help the student more often.
Autonomous learning is a good learning strategy that should be implemented by more people. CONCLUSION Thank You for Watching!!! :)
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