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Water: The Lifeblood of Our Earth

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Q Wil

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Water: The Lifeblood of Our Earth

Adhesion -when water molecules are attracted to other substances
Water Molecules
heat transfer
Water: The Lifeblood of Our Earth
Riparian Areas
Conserve Water, Save
Our Planet

What is Water?
Why Would You Want To Save Water?
We use it for:
What are Riparian Areas?
-Grassy, wet areas w/ wildlife
-Surrounded by a greenbelt
-They slow the speed of fast-moving water to reduce erosion.
-In AZ,there's 80% of plants/ animals living in riparian areas

All that water adds up!
1 person in AZ = 100 gallons per day
6 million people in AZ = 219,000,000,000 gallons per year
What is Wasting Water?
What can I do?
Leaving water running
Pouring good water down the drain
Reversing the Decline:
Water Conservation

- shorter showers
- turn off the faucet while brushing teeth
- use less plastic water bottles
- fill the dishwasher up all the way
- turn the sprinklers off while it's raining
Plastic Water Bottles
They waste so much water!
The Water Cycle
Ways Not To Save
Making a one liter bottle uses about 4 liters of water.
Properties of Water
Some people waste bottles with water in them.
Creating the plastic pollutes air and water.
Why Should We Care if They are Healthy?
Some people think plastic water bottles are better than tap water.
They're not.
Everyone drinks water
If the water is dirty we can't use it in any way
Water is essential for life
There are few standards for the cleanliness of bottled water.
Tap water can taste better.
We need to save our water
Components of a Watershed
Cohesion-water molecules attracted to other molecules
Save Water... Save Life
Hydrological Water Cycle
3 kind of water
Capillary Action-water molecules are attracted to molecues of water and other substances
Jobs of Riparian Areas
Surface-oceans (wet lands, marshes, streams, ice caps)
Ground Water- aquifers, underground rivers, water tables
Bottled water costs about 2,000 times more than tap water.
Watershed-an area of rain run off moving water toward rivers, lakes, and oceans
1.slow speed of fast moving water- reduce erosion
2.trap sediment to add soil to surrounding flood plane
3.store water and recharge groundwater
4.support root masses
5.create areas that are calm and slow moving to provide habitat for fish, waterfall, and aquatic animals
6.support our needs for water
Aquifer-an underground bed of saturated soil or rock that yields a large amount of water
water cover 75% of earth
Thanks For Watching
Remember to Conserve
Some companies put public tap water in their bottles.
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