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DHMO, the invisible killer

Warning the world of the dangers of DHMO, a destructive chemical that has claimed millions of human lives.

Joe Mazzola

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of DHMO, the invisible killer

DHMO The Invisible Killer Through strategic use of rhetoric, visual aid, and persuasive language, an argument can be made to prove almost any point. Jim Jones, the leader of a religious cult called "People's Temple", was a master of rhetoric and persuasion techniques. Between 1950 and 1978 he convinced his following of over 1,000 individuals to devote their lives to his dream of a self sustaining religious society devoid of outside influence. The ultimate testament to his powerful command of rhetoric came in November 1978 when he convinced 914 of his followers to commit suicide purely for his benefit. But just how persuasive can rhetoric be? Caution, the results are shocking. DHMO Dihydrogen Monoxide is a chemical compound, sometimes referred to by scientists as Hydrogen Hydroxide, Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. It is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and deadly. The not-so-fun facts: Scientists have predicted that without DHMO, Hurricane Katrina would have been severely less devastating. The Problem: DHMO can cause death by accidental inhalation
DHMO is an enabling component is acid rain DHMO is present in large quantities in our atmosphere, as well as every ocean, sea, lake, and river in the world DHMO contributes to global warming Overexposure to DHMO can cause automobile breaks to fail DHMO flows from the faucet of most sinks, hoses, and showers DHMO inhalation alone killed an estimated 8,000 people during the recent earthquakes in Japan.
Overexposure to DHMO was responsible for 3,842 deaths in the U.S. in 2010.
Accidental inhalation of DHMO is the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide. According to the United Nations, 87.4% of the world's population is exposed to DHMO everyday. What is being done to combat DHMO? Virtually nothing... The Environmental Protection Agency takes a neutral stance on DHMO and sticks to a strict code of silence when questioned about the issue. Studies show that DHMO plays a role in the formation of at least 10 types of cancer. It seems hopeless, how can human beings ever overcome such a powerful killer that has infiltrated so many aspects of our lives? Relax, there is hope. DHMO is also known as water. GOTCHA! Don't be ashamed if you were fooled into thinking that water is dangerous, you are not alone. In our own survey 26 out of 30 people expressed general concern for their own well-being, and feared the effects HDMO after being exposed to these facts. 2 out of 30 honestly did not care about the possible negetive effects of DHMO. Only 2 out of 30 recognized DHMO as water. Purely through the use of rhetoric, visual aid, and conviction, we were able to actually convince college educated students that water is dangerous. Thus proving our point; that rhetoric, visual aid, and conviction can validate almost any argument.
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