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Ancient India

No description

Christopher Eikenbary

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Ancient India

Ancient India
India's Beginning
Aryans cross into India
1500 b.c.
Chinese Civilization Begins
2000 b.c.
First Indian Civilization
2500 b.c.
Pyramid Age Begins in Egypt.
2700 b.c.
Time Line
Started around 2500 b.c. in present day Pakistan.
Existed for almost 1,000 years but disappeared.
It’s a mystery.
Indus Valley Civilization
Indus Valley Cities
The Twin Cities:
Laid out on a grid pattern.
Possibly consisted of tens of thousands of people.
Debatably the largest impact made by the Indus Civilization.
Proves the government was well organized.
Mysteriously disappeared.
Two possible reasons:
Lack of summer monsoons: seasons of extreme wind.
Aryan Invasion
Reason 2
Group of war-like people who migrated across Europe and Asia.
Knowledge about the Aryans is limited and most is recreated by studying their language.
Aryan India
Settlement Along the Ganges River
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