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Pilgrims, Puritans,and Quakers Compare and Contrast

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Dustin Bax

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Pilgrims, Puritans,and Quakers Compare and Contrast

Pilgrims,Quakers, and Puritans Compare and Contrast
Religious and Social movement of the 1500's and 1600's.
Movement began in England and Spread to America where it greatly influenced society and politically.
They considered the bible as the true law of God that provided guidelines for church government.
Quakerism developed in the 1600's England.
They are known for humanitarism.
Most Quakers will reject war and stress thy importance or education and peace.
The founder of Quakerism is George Fox of England.
William Penn a famous Quaker founded Pennsylvania in 1681.
All 3 groups stressed education and the value of hard work. They all were religious groups that in someway or another fled from the church of England.
Pilgrims- Pilgrims completely separated from the church to form new. Pilgrims weren't so strict as the Puritans were.

Puritans- Puritans wanted to purify the church, they were very strict about Religion and education

Quakers- The Quakers lived a more free life style the Puritans or Pilgrims did. Education was not stressed as much in the other groups.

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By Dustin Bax and Riley Ash
The Pilgrims were the early settlers of New England.
The 1st group of pilgrims landed in Plymouth Bay.
Most pilgrims were Separatists, they believed that they could remake or reform the church of England.
Before they traveled to America the pilgrims were in Holland.
They traveled to America on the Mayflower
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