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Sophie Jageman 8B

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Sophie Jageman 8B

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By: Sophie Jageman
Mexico and Germany
Germany wanted Mexico to annex Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico because it was their "lost territory".And they would provide financial support for Mexico on their attack on United States.
Why Mexico
They choose Mexico because it is a close territory for Germany to attack the United states. And Mexico had the reason because United States took away some of their territory.
In January of 1917 the British cytrographers found a telegram from Germany Foreign Ministers Arther Zimmerman to the Mexico german Minister, Von Eckhardt.Then they finally returned tyhe telegrams to the united states to aware them of the situations
United States
After Britan recieved the telegrams they looked over to find out the information. They handed over the information to the United States because it invloved them the most. After they recieved the information the United States stood on guard.
My Opinion
My opinion of this topic is that Great Britain did the right thing handing over the information to the United States.And the United States after recieving the telegram it made a impact
This telegram happened because there needed to be a communication letter to determine what Mexico and Germany are doing. It was not eleigeble because they did not want anyone to figure out what they were planning.
The War
In the war the allies were Rusia, Great Britain, France. And the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungry.
Zimmerman Telegram

In the time 1914 and with in the spring of 1917 the European nations were involved with which is known as World War I
President Woodrow willson was the President at the time during when the United States abandoned the policy of nuetrality and asked the congress to declare war against germany
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