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Huntington's Disease- Abby Franey

Mrs. Fries- Science Class- Grade 7

MR. S.

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Huntington's Disease- Abby Franey

Are there any prenatal tests for this disorder?
Yes, you can take a genetic test before deciding whether or not you want children
What are the Symptoms?
Movement spasms
Cognitive and Physichiatric disorders
Behavioral Changes
Physical Changes

What Populations is Affected
Anyone can get this disease. Typically, people get this disease when they are 30-50 years old. They are mostly European descendants.
Other names for this disease
HD and Huntington's Chorea
How is it inherited?
It is a sex-linked gene that is dominant. If the mother or father has the disease the child is almost certainly going to get it.
What Causes this Disorder?
Huntington's Disease is an inherited defect in a single gene.

When a person inherits 2 copies of every chromosome he or she has Huntington's Disease.
Huntington's Disease
The people affected by this disorder get this disorder as adults, and since there is no cure the child will not need assistance until grown. When a person gets this disease they will not be able to walk or talk very well so they will need medical help. The family also would need to help the person as time progresses.
Treatments or Cures?
As of now, there are no cures for this disease. There are no treatments that can alter the course of Huntington's disease, but there are medications that can lessen some symptoms.
There is genetic and prenatal testing that can be done. Also, there is vitro fertilization with donor sperm or eggs.
Can this individual have children in future? Will those children be affected?
An individual with this disease may have children, but each of their children will have a 50% chance of getting the disease.
Scientists are expanding their knowledge of the brain and nervous system. As of now, there is no cure coming soon
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