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Reading Project

Dhruv Shah

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Insurgent

Timeline 2700 2500 2550 2600 2650 Conflicts 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Beatrice Prior (Tris) Tris- Tris is one of the main characters in Insurgent. Beatrice is a protagonist. Tris is short, skinny, and lean. However, she gradually gains muscle from Dauntless initiation and the current war. Beatrice has blond hair and gray-blue eyes. On her collar bone, she has three tattoos of ravens symbolizing her family. She also has tattoos of the symbols of Abnegation and Dauntless on either sides of her shoulders. During the aptitude test in the previous novel, her result was three different factions, Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless, thus she is divergent. This means that she has the capability to control and somewhat escape simulations. However, her divergence is rare and almost unheard of. This then influences many aspects of her life. She is brave, selfless, and intelligent. She is brave because sometimes she is an iconoclast. Also, she allies with Marcus, knowing that this will jeopardize her relationship with Tobias. She is selfless because she believes that what she does is good, not only for her, but the society as well. Additionally, she is intelligent because she finds ways to do what she wants. Sometimes, her emotions are sad or upset. One time where this is relevant is when Tobias makes an agreement with Evelyn. Here, she is upset because Four does not care to listen to her and he goes ahead to make an alliance. Throughout the novel, she does in fact confront some conflicts. One major conflict that is carried through about more than half of the book is getting to Jeanine and accessing the confidential information. Tris bravely faces this conflict and resolves it with the help of Tobias and surprisingly Caleb, who is thought to be a traitor. Tobias Eaton (Four) Tobias- Like Tris, Four was originally Abnegation, but he is divergent, so he chose to go to Dauntless to escape his father's abuse. He is tall and muscular with dark hair and sapphire-blue eyes. On his back, he has all of the faction symbols, along with Dauntless flames tattooed on his sides. Throughout the novel, he exhibits leadership by becoming a Dauntless leader and taking charge of finding a way to defeat Jeanine and the Erudite army along with the people under Jeanine's simulation. Not only is he a leader, he also possesses the trait of being fearless. He is fearless because he does anything that he believes will help save him and Tris, even if it means risking his life in Erudite headquarters. During the novel, he faces multiple conflicts, being, he has to face his father, he risks losing Tris, and another being escaping Erudite headquarters. Additionally, during the novel he exhibits some emotions. Most of the time his emotions are jovial or sad. He is elate when he allies with the factionless and is able to group the factionless and half of the Dauntless together to defeat Jeanine. At other times he is sad because Tris does not care to listen to him, even if she promises. Summary Insurgent by Veronica Roth is a novel that takes place in future Chicago. In the beginning, Tris, Four, and Marcus, Four's father, travel to Amity, a faction, to seek refuge. At Amity, Tris overhears a private conversation between Marcus and Johanna, leader of Amity. She hears Marcus state that the leaders of Abnegation died or sacrificed their lives in order to protect confidential information. Soon after, Tris confronts him asking about the information, but he refuses to give any away. Afterward, Erudite and Dauntless traitors storm Amity's headquarters. Quickly Tris and Four help other Abnegation refugees to dress and act as Amity. This works for the most part; however, Four's tattoos on his back give them away, and thus a gunfight breaks out. Tris, Four, Caleb, and Susan successfully escape and jump onto an oncoming train. In the cart, they find armed factionless, including Edward who used to be a Dauntless initiate. Edward leads them to the factionless leader who has an important conversation with Tobias. Then, Tris and Four decide to travel to Candor headquarters, where they are injected with the truth serum. During the truth serum, some of there deepest secrets are admitted to the audience attending this trial. Later, Tris turns herself in to Jeanine at Erudite headquarters, where she will decide her fate and the fate of everybody else. Not only does this one decision she put her relationship with Tobias at risk, she risks her life even if she does not retrieve the confidential information. Illustration Conflict 2 Another major conflict in the novel is when Tori believes that Tris betrayed her and went to the traitors side. This conflict is man vs. man. It is man vs. man because Tori is having an argument with Tris about killing Jeanine. Tori wants to cast vengeance for killing her brother, who was Divergent, by stabbing Jeanine in the stomach. Tris on the other hand, does not want Jeanine to die because she believes that Jeanine is the only one that has access to all the private information on her computer. Before Tori shoots Jeanine, Tris takes her down to the ground and momentarily fights her. Right after Tris nails Tori in the jaw, Tris tries to persuade Tori that "There's something important, something only she knows the location of" on that computer (Roth 498). Immediately after this, Tori starts yelling at Tris that "She is a liar. A liar, and if you believe her, you are both an idiot and a traitor, Tris" (Roth 499). Subsequently, Tris believes that she persuaded her; however, Tori believes that"Nothing is more important the her (Jeanine's) death" (Roth 499). With this, Tori pushes herself up and stabs Jeanine in the stomach, resolving the conflict for her. Now, the retrieval of the information is more difficult for Tris, especially since Tori sends her downstairs with the other war criminals. One major conflict in Insurgent is when the Erudite and Dauntless traitors storm the Amity compound. This a major man vs. society conflict where the enemy of most of the society infiltrates the Amity compound without consent or warning, looking for other Dauntless and Four and Tris. This is a man vs. society conflict because Tris and Four both disagree with Jeanine and the other Erudites societal values or beliefs. These beliefs that Beatrice and Tobias oppose and disagree with are oppression dealing with Jeanine, controlling everybody with serums just to build up an army, and killing off Divergent people. At the Amity compound, the Erudite storms the place with no warning, but luckily Tris told Marcus who announced to everyone "Those of us who aren't dressed like the Amity should go to the dormitories, then" (Roth 72). From this instantaneous announcement, all of the Abnegation that is seeking refuge at the compound rush to their dormitories to change into red and yellow clothes, Amity colors and dress code. Then everyone, almost panicking, runs back to the dinning hall waiting for the Erudite to enter. One Erudite woman enters who searches the premises. Additionally, during this whole time, the building is "surrounded by Erudite and Dauntless" (Roth 77). After the Erudite woman is done with her short speech, she leaves the room, but leaves behind three Dauntless traitors, who search the room and scrutinize all of the people. One lady looks at Four and then starts talking to him. He does not face her to talk, but he just responds sharply to the lady's questions. However, she also notices that his hair is too short for Amity, so she then looks at the back of his shirt and notices his tattoos. Right after this, Tobias flips her to the ground. Consequently, a gunfight breaks out. Four, Tris, Caleb; Tris' brother, Marcus, and the rest of the Abnegation and people seeking refuge run out of the hall. Even though a number of people left the hall, only some make it through the fence. By running through the fence, Tris, Four, and some others are able to momentarily solve this conflict. However, this is just the beginning of similar conflicts to result. Symbols Quote Choice Explanation Insurgent Conflict 1 The End Choice Read Project By Dhruv Shah Great Book! The first one is still better. I chose the quote, "One choice can destroy you" to be in my illustration. This quote appears on the cover of the fantastic novel, Insurgent. I chose this quote because I believe that it is one major theme in the novel, be careful what you wish for. This quote applies phenomenally with the illustration of this novel. First, with the illustration, Tris chooses between listening to Four and turning herself in to Jeanine Matthews, an oppressive woman who wants to rid the city of all the divergent people. Tris, thinking for herself and not others, turns herself in to Jeanine Matthews. This is the most important part of the novel because her fate is decided here, either this one choice will destroy her or save everyone else. Besides relating to the illustration, the quote also applies to one of the themes of the novel. This theme being be careful what you wish for. "One choice can destroy you" connects with be careful what you wish for because the actions that Tris performed endangered her life and the life of others, including her boyfriend Tobias. "ONE CHOICE CAN DESTROY YOU" The ravens in the illustration represent each member of Tris' family. When she got the tattoos in the previous novel, she stated that one raven represented each member of her family, Caleb, her father, and her mother.
The handshake symbolizes the Abnegation, the selfless people, or Tris' old faction.
The flames represent the Dauntless and their brave and fearless souls. This is also Tris' and Four's current faction.
The eye on top of the building symbolizes the Erudite, the genius, full of knowledge people, Jeanine Matthews and Caleb's faction.
This is an image illustrating the part of the book when Tris turns herself in at the Erudite Headquarters.
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