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Alexander's Internship

No description

Mike Espinoza

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Alexander's Internship

My name is Alexander First day of the internship, i got paired up with a wonderful woman named Consuela She is a lovely lady, with a strong Mexican background. She was a very strong willed and down to earth woman I came up with a detailed schedule that included both of our daily activities, in order facilitate more visits. As week's passed she had the desire to spend more time together since she had no family. I had to consider these circumstances when coming up with the detailed schedule:
Nursing Home Policies
School Work/GPA
Work Priorities
Cost of Gas One of my main concerns was if there was enough time available in both of our schedules to be able to facilitate more visits. I was already required to attend 10 hours a week, plus i had work and school activities I also kept in mind that there was a chance of over attachment, since she had no family and i was the only person that she had a connection to. For this reason i always acted in a professional manner for fear of over attachment. Consuela and I had spoken about what might happen if any unfortunate event would happen, we came up with the solution that we would notify each other so that we could both be aware of the situation. I went ahead and spoke to Consuela about what i had noticed, she agreed and i began to gather evidence supporting my claim. I took the evidence to my professor and explained the situation, his advise was to speak with the retirement home director and present him with the evidence that i had gathered. As i began to spend more time at the nursing home, i began to notice that some of the nursing staff would treat non-whites in a different manner. Since i am Hispanic, i did not want people thinking that i had a bias as i approached the situation

I also had to make sure that whatever i did, there was not going to be any negative repercussions to Consuela Do to the fact that this was delicate problem dealing with race i had to consider some points before i acted upon my suspicions I had to work closely with the victims and the other nursing staff so that i could persuade them to help to solve the matter in the most professional and subtle way. I had to keep in mind that people who are being victimized or that see others getting victimized, might not want to speak about the events that are going on. He asked me if i could serve as his witness, because he planned to take this matter to the director of the nursing home. During one of the my regular visits with Consuela, i got approached by a older man named Herbert. Herbert is an Anglo man who came and accused Rosita a Mexican nurse of stealing his golden watch. I had to take a decision, but i had to consider the possibility that he might have medical conditions such as Alzheimers or any sort of dementia. So he might not have had a watch, i was not a witness to the crime so it might not have happen at all I did not really know Herbert I had seen him a couple of times before but i had not have any real communication before. I decided that i didn't want to get too involve in a situation that i didn't really have much insight in. I decided to take the statements that i had heard and let the director decide the outcome of the situation Before i took any decision i had to consider if there was any racial bias in Herbert's part. Also i had to see if Herbert didn't have any mental illness that would have made him thought that event I decided to take this outcome, because there was a possible risk that Rosita could loose her job or Herbert could suffer repercussions. I decided to do this because it was what was in my power to do, i had nothing else to rely on but the verbal statements of both individuals I learned many new qualities and got a new outlook at life. And not to mention credit for my internship. These were my experiences at the nursing home where i gained a new respect for the elderly.
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