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Goodreads in the Classroom

No description

Heather Logston

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Goodreads in the Classroom

Goodreads in the Classroom
What is Goodreads and How do I use it?
Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers. You can track books,read and write reviews, get recommendations, publish creative writing, and so much more.
The mission of Goodreads is to help people find and share books they love.
Goodreads is social networking for readers. Like Facebook, but better.
You an even apply to be a Goodreads Librarian!
How does it work?
For more information on Goodreads..
These are also on your handout.


Go sign up for Goodreads!
Let's be friends!
please pull up http://padlet.com/wall/2dkrffw0mo
Why use Goodreads?
Build relationships/Connect with other readers
Take and create quizzes
Create personal bookshelves
Join bookclubs
Review books
Find book recommendations
Manage the books you are reading
Show off your digital library
Meet authors
Create groups
How can I use Goodreads in the Classroom?
• Challenges
• Basically it's time and date stamped, so follow readers in "real time". Have students update when a book is completed.
• Use for creative writing projects. Students can post poetry or short stories.
• Have students use Goodreads to post reviews and rate books.
• Use Goodreads to research books. Maybe have discussion/debates about other reader reviews. Good way to spark discussion.
• Model reading behavior to students by frequently updated and reviewing books for pleasure.
• This is the best of social media. Use it to get kids excited about reading.
• Create student groups. Have students connect with classmates by having discussions on Goodreads.
• Have students follow authors they admire

More ideas..
Create quizzes for each other or take online quizzes that are already built. Helps check for comprehension.
Use http://www.epals.com for free classroom emails that are teacher monitored. Use for private classroom Goodreads groups.
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