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English IV Syllabus - Shaula Hardin

No description

shaula dawn hardin

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of English IV Syllabus - Shaula Hardin

2nd Nine Weeks

, Video of another Shakespeare Play, Poetry & Rights of Women

- Daily Reflections/Mindstretchers, Literary Analysis Lens & GP Final Reflection Essay, Speech Outline

- Usage, Mechanics and Edit Skills

- Study of Motivational Speakers, Public Speaking Framework, Grad Project Presentation Practice, Prezi & Group Demonstrations/Projects

European literature from the Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Periods, 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century to present day is the pathway of twelfth grade literature.
A concentration on the writing process with completion of personal, informative and analysis essays will be accomplished; plus the integration of grammar skills is required throughout the semester.
Procedures and rules are fundamental in life. We follow methods and rules in our daily lives for things such as approaching a traffic light, starting a car, and writing a letter. There are also procedures and rules in this classroom. These tactics ensure a positive atmosphere and contribute to a learning environment for all.
1. Gathering, standing around the doorway or waiting in the hallway is not allowed. Enter the classroom quietly and take your assigned seat.
2. When the bell rings everyone must be seated and be prepared to work. Class will begin with a
video. Be ready or receive a tardy. I do not supply pens/pencils. You did not forget your cell phone; therefore, do not forget a writing instrument.
3. There is time between classes for a reason. Run errands, go to the restroom and visit your locker during this allotted duration. This is
time. When the bell rings, it becomes
Mr. G
has emphasized
. If you must go, then you owe me time during

Areas of Focus during Grading Periods
1st Nine Weeks

Othello, The Canterbury Tales, A Knight's Tale Video &

- Daily Reflections/Mindstretchers, Autobiographical Essay & Resume'

- Usage, Mechanics & Edit Skills

- Study of Motivational Speakers, Public Speaking Framework, Impromptu Speeches, Prezi & Group Demonstrations/Projects

Spring 2017
English IV Syllabus - Shaula Hardin
Wallace Rose Hill High School

Synopsis of English IV

9. Negative behavior or actions will result in a warning. You may even receive a second warning, but upon the third warning you will be sent to the
immediately. These impolite actions will constitute a warning: talking excessively, interrupting the lesson, disrupting me or others, phone use, not following directions, walking around the classroom, rolling your eyes, clicking your tongue in disrespect, talking back, a bad attitude, intentionally passing gas & burping, making noises, cursing, yelling, pushing, throwing objects, possessing a straw/toothpick in your mouth, arguing and unkind teasing.
10. When we have a
in class you are expected to follow the same classroom rules. You are expected to be polite. Do not talk to the visitor unless he/she is speaking to you directly. Continue working on your assignment as usual. If you embarrass me you will serve detention during LUNCH. Believe or not believe….
11. I support and adhere to all policies in the
WRH Student Handbook.

Required Materials
Binder, Package of Clear Sheet Protectors, Three Divider Sheets w/ Tabs
(LIT/WRITING/ GP), Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, Highlighters, Pencils, Pens, & Post-It Notes

Items to Receive Grades in English IV
Homework (1), Quizzes (1), Class Assignments (1)
Tests (2), Essays (2), Projects (2), & Presentations (2)
NC Final Exam (25 %)
No one graduates from WRH without completing all PARTS of the Graduation Project!
(Paper, Portfolio, Presentation & Product)
Assignments one day late lose ten points off the grade earned.
Assignments two days late lose twenty points off the grade earned.
Assignments three days late lose thirty points off the grade earned.
Assignments turned in after three days result in a
Remember, two zeros will result in failing English IV!

The finalization of the Graduation Project is expected at the duration of this course with special attention to public speaking; presentations will be emphasized greatly.
Graduation Project

Package Review
Community Mentor Registration, Product Approval
Ethical Commitment,
Parent Release
Signed Commitment
1st Mentor Log
Autobiographical Essay

Permission Form, 2nd Mentor Log, Mentor Evaluation, Field Work Log, Product Checks, Final Reflection, Presentation Outline, Prezi/PowerPoint, Practice Speeches, Tech Form, & Portfolio

4. Everyone made the choice to come to school. When you get home you can watch TV, play video games or polish your toes. School is your JOB. This is your WORKPLACE. You are here to work. (Your paychecks equal your grades and/or report card. These paychecks can parallel the type of lifestyle you desire.)
5. What you say is significant to others and me. Do not blurt; raise your hand to be heard. Do not talk while I am talking, instructing or lecturing.
6. My classroom environment is meant to be pleasant. I will not tolerate vulgar language and actions. Let us create an atmosphere of enlightenment.
7. Everyday we will begin a journey into literature. Notice the
on the board and follow the directions. Write down the
topic & wait to begin. Remember, this is
quiet time.
8. When absent, do not interrupt class with the question, “What did I miss yesterday?” There are three options: see me after class, see me during
or ask a
. Make up work, assignments, quizzes and/or tests
may only be made up during Half-Time
, not
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