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The Lady in the Looking Glass:

No description

Heather Sacco

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Lady in the Looking Glass:

The Lady in the Looking Glass:
A Reflection

Author's Biography: Virginia Woolf
Born as Adeline Virginia Stephen
Lived from 1882-1941
Lived in London
She didn't go to school
Dad's library inspired writing career
Married Leonard Woolf
1st two novels were fairly conventional
Characteristics of the Genre:
Realistic Fiction
Refers to stories that might really happen
Focuses on problems that could occur in real world
Characters are developed, multi-dimensional and show growth over time
Setting is vividly portrayed
Memorable theme that could be applied in real life
Plot Summary
The Lady in the Looking Glass tells a story of a woman seen from two different perspectives. From an observers point of view, Isabella Tyson seems successful and social. Throughout the story, the narrator tries to reveal more about her character, but nothing is truly discovered. Once Isabella sees herself through the looking glass, her true colors are shown. Her superficial characteristics were stripped from her which revealed her to be perfectly empty.
Historical Context
Virginia Woolf
Author's Purpose
Virginia was known for nervous breakdowns and mental issues. Her success was a facade for her personal struggle. The character Isabella, is Virginia's perspective on how she views herself.
Start of the Great Depression
End of Roaring 20's
Things are not always what they seem
Money can't buy you happiness
Character Analysis
Isabella Tyson- On the outside she seems carefree and happy, but through the looking glass, she is empty and emotionless.
The Looking Glass- the observer of Isabella. It sees her for what she truly is, even behind her disguise. It gives both perspectives on her social life and hidden life.
Point of View
2nd person
Looking Glass's perspective
Isabella's house - through the looking glass
"She suggested the fantastic and the tremulous convolvulus rather than the upright aster, the starched zinnia, or her own burning roses alight like lamps on the straight posts of their rose trees."
"There must be truth; there must be a wall."
"People should not leave looking-glasses hanging in their rooms."
"Here was the woman herself. She stood naked in that pitiless light. And there was nothing. Isabella was perfectly empty..."
Convolvulus- represents Isabella and how she seems to be a flower from the outside, but is really a weed on the inside
Isabella- represents Virginia and her personal struggles
Looking Glass- represents the truth
House- empty, representing Isabella's true self
Garden- full of life, representing Isabella's facade
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