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I hate boredom

No description

stevie wadford

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of I hate boredom

I HATE BOREDOM By: stevie IDK Man your just as bored as us!!! I miss my phone!! Brittany just anouced for the 50th time: She <3 pie! My side hurts :( No more caffine for me! I hate Pepsi now! But it tast so good But i hate it now! OOOGA BOOGA Comment if ya love me! even if ya' dont! It does not deserve my love! My dog keeps snorting, yes i said snorting. (he thinks he is a pig, stupid dog) IM so bored. I wish I owned a Dinosaur!! mine would look like this one my "friends" dino I just like this one! ohkay, well, ima go, do what ever it is that I do, reckon ill do my hair, or draw a dino(If ya havent noticed, i love dinosaurs), or read my new fav. book, Eragon. It is awsome! Ohkay, well maybe i will.....idk i need help bout that. I know this prezi is like really long but.....yea....ima just go on and on and on and on and on bout something random. ohhh you should check out my friends prezi. its called ramdom, yes ramdom, not random but ramdom. ok. alright. so yea. i know its gotta be hard to read this. but i think it was funny. alright. OMG. I hate, love my friend, D@#$, because she moved to Florida! I <3 Florida. I hate Tuna. Only a few people know what im talkin bout. LOLZ:D. You should also check out my friend, S@#$'s prezi called Boredom is a Bummer. It soooooooo funnnnnny. OOOO i just saw a plane crash into the water. I hope he is Ohkay. that so sad.:d anyway..... TURTLE!!!!!!! awww :D PEACE uh-buh-bye
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