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Danny Harrison

on 24 March 2011

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Did the British "invade" or "settle" Australia? I Believe The British tried to share the Land with the Aboriginal people yet they weren't to happy about the way half of the British treated them. Settlement is claiming an unowned land / a section of a land & it being rightfully yours.

Was Australia Terra Nullius? "Terra Nullius Means unowned(Terra) land(Nullius) in Latin" Australia wasn't Terra Nullius when the British arrived yet they thought it was because the Aboriginals used no familiar technology to the British The story of Bennelong Pemulwuy The first fleet arrived on the 26th of January, 1788 Pemulwuy was an Aboriginal resistance leader (after Aurther Phillip took Bennelong to Enland) who drew inspiration to Aboriginals in Botany Bay. settlement is taking a "Terra Nullius" unowned land for yourself. Definition of Invasion & settlement Settlement is good Bennelong was first captured by Arthur Phillip When they arrived in England, everyone swarmed him because they've never seen anyone with a different skin colour then them. LAter on Bennelong found out abut Pemulwuy's death & returned to Australia Pemulwuy was really ticked off about all the killing of his native friends & became a leader of the resistance & fought back againts the British. Pemulwuy was shot dead on the 1st of june & on the 5th f june his head was cut off & sent to England.
By the time it arrived Bennelong was one of the first to see it & Thats the reason Bennelong left. Bathurst Massacre The Bathurst massacre was in 1824 & happened because the Aboriginal resistance killed seven settlers. In the massacre 100 aboriginals were killed Arthur taught Bennelong English & Bennelong taught Arthur him his Aboriginal language Arthur considered Bennelong as his son because of how much time they spent learning aboout their different cultures. 2 years after the settlement Arthur Phillip retired & left for England with Bennelong. Conclusion As said I do think it was settlement turned to invasion because of what happened with the killing & all. Thanks for watching Invasion is Taking land that doesn't belong to you Invasion is BAD Bibliography -http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Bennelong&view=detail&id=A6C9B734761B4A212398A0CDCDAA36045001D956&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR&adlt=strict IMAGES
http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=the+1st+fleet&view=detail&id=B5242B77996BFB07418AA764FA7606A4511ABF42&first=211&FORM=IDFRIR&adlt=strict IMAGES
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