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Mother Teresa

No description

Alex A.

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

Work Experience
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I loved being a Nun! I got to change my name from Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu to Sister Teresa. I was going to call myself Therese for Saint Therese but another Sister chose that. After I completed my training to be a Nun, my order went to Calcutta, India to teach some of the local children, it was so much fun! During that time I saw a lot of the local slums where the poor lived. I started my own Order and called it the Order of the Missionaries of Charity.
#helping #loveit
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I started my own order of Nuns (Missionaries for Charity) and that was a huge success! I've been the cover of
Time Magazine
(twice!!). Another accomplishment of mine was earning the Nobel Peace Prize! I've had a movie made about me, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. A quote of mine is, "I am serving the King of the whole world," which I said to my brother as he left for the army and was boasting. I am happy to say my faith in God started on young and I 'm happy to be sitting next to him now.
Wow! I've been watching these guy's! They totally rock with live music!
#mustsee #keepthefaith #love #yay!
Surprisingly, I got to go to school even though I'm a girl because of all the important connections my father had. After my father died, :'( I went to church very often and soon found faith in God. After I graduated high school I left with to join an order of Nuns.
#educated #gotthefaith
Lives In
I'm officially in Heaven!(can't believe what good internet access I have!) I was born in The Republic of Macedonia in a town called Skopje. I lived in Ireland while I was training to be a Nun. I lived in India for a long time helping and teaching the poor.

Life Tree
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Mother Teresa
Life Tree Church wishes for you to join us this Sunday to come and pray. There is even a place for your little ones! Three and under will just play but 4 and over will learn about the Lord in Sunday school!
Biography Book Report
My home town, Skopje!!!!
#missit #homesick

Single, but NOT going to mingle! When I took on my job as a nun I swore off men and a family. I have no real children :'( Even though I have no family, God and my fellow Nuns showed me plenty of love!
#luvthenuns #missyou #singlepringle
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