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How the giraffe got its long neck

No description

Amanda Parker

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of How the giraffe got its long neck

Foundation How The Giraffe Got Its long neck by: me! A long time ago, Giraffe had a really short neck
and he always wanted a long one I really wish
i had a long
neck Giraffe was always so jealous of monkey because monkey could reach things he couldn't If only I
could do
that.. One day, Giraffe was walking by a tree and he saw a leaf he really wanted to eat That look
delicious Giraffe saw monkey climbing a tree and though he could do it too I bet I could climb
like monkey He thought long and hard and decided to start climbing. He was halfway up the tree and thought he would be able to make it I'm almost
there!! Giraffe was so close to the leaf so he took one more step and reached for the leaf. all of a sudden, he felt something wrap around his neck, it was a branch! What's that around
my neck? Giraffe screamed and tried to get the branch off his neck quickly but fell in the process. While giraffe fell, his neck slowly stretched until he reached the bottom. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Finally, giraffe got the branch off of his neck but, his neck remained long. and that's how the giraffe got its long neck My neck is
so long!!
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