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No description

Josh SImba

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of WNBA

What is the WNBA?
- Stands for Women's National Basketball League

- Composed of twelve teams

- Was approved in 1996, and play began in 1997
- started with just 8 teams in it's first season
- The Salaries of the WNBA players are not disclosed to the public

Hall Of Fame
- There have been 145 total inductees into the WNBA Hall of Fame
- Plays with slightly different rules from the NBA

- Like college basketball, plays with 2 20 minute quarter or halves

- 30 second shot clock, and regulation game ball is one inch smaller than NBA's
By: Josh
Rules & Regulations
- After 5+ years in the WNBA, players can earn up to 107 million dollars
- The minimum players can earn is about 35 thousand dollars
- Opened 16 years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee
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