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Jace Smith

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Archetypes

Nature vs. Mechanistic World
Jurassic World
Death and Rebirth
The Lion King
Avatar: The last Airbender
Bible: God comes back

In the Lion King,
The Last Airbender,
In the Bible,
The Blindside
Snow White
The Blindside
The earthmother archetype is essentially an idealized version of a mother that is meant to be more or less universal.
The mother represents this archetype because she takes in a stranger and treats him as one of her own.
She emits selflessness and care throughout the movie by doing these things for big Mike:
Takes him in
Buys him a new car
Pays for his schooling
Gets him a tutor
Provides him with unconditional love...
Earthmother in
The fairy god mother in Cinderella represents this archetype because when Cinderella wanted to go to the ball, she granted every wish.
Her fairy god mother helped Cinderella by:
Creating a coach (transportation)
Creating a horse for coach
Creating a coachman
Creating footmen
Taking care of the dress, shoes, and accessories
Earthmother in
Snow White
Earthmother could be represented in Snow White by the seven dwarfs because they wanted to help protect Snow White from the evil queen.
They helped by:
Letting Snow White live with them
Chasing the Queen up a mountain until she fell off of it
Taking care of her while she was in her deep sleep
Maze Runner
The Giver
The Jurassic World society genetically engineered a dinosaur that eventually tried to kill everyone just for enjoyment.
In the Maze Runner, technology put these kids into a maze that was built to change every night to prevent escape.
The Fall
Stories who include the 'Fall' archetype have a character of a normal or high state of being, and describe their fall to a lesser one. Examples of this may be found in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella.
In the Giver, they inject all but one person with a man-made serum that makes everything black and white because they don't want them to see the beauty of nature.
The Fall in Cinderella
Cinderella's story is one of a girl, who lives with her stepsisters and stepmother. She is treated poorly and does the work in her household. That is, until she sneaks out one night, and meets the prince, who is looking for a young girl to marry. She meets him, and has a wonderful night. The fall, however, comes when she returns home, takes the wrath of her mother, and the continued hate of her stepsisters. Of course the prince finds her and she gets her "happy ever after," but the time that morning is the time when the fall is applicable.
The Ritual
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
In Harry Potter the ritual would be the sorting when they would have the hat placed on their head and it would say what house they belonged to.
The Fall In Beauty and the Beast
The story Beauty and the Beast describes the life of a girl, Belle, living a relatively normal life. When her father goes missing, however, she finds him in the castle of a beast. The beast released her father, but kept her imprisoned. This is the fall in the story, the fall from her normal, happy life, to being imprisoned in the castle of a beast. That is of course, only until her sympathy for the beast overwhelms her, and she falls in love with him.
In Divergent, a test would tell children which faction they belong to and/or if they were divergent. This was done when they reached the age of 16.
In the Hunger Games, the choosing of the boy and girl whom are going to go in the games is the annual ritual.
The Fall in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves
The story of Snow White is also one of a normal girl. An evil queen, however, lived jealous of Snow White's beauty, and ordered her death. She found refuge, however, in the home of 7 dwarves. The fall in this story is in the fact that her life was fine, until she was driven away, into a worse situation.
The Pride Lands die when Scar becomes king. The Pride Lands are reborn and flourish once Simba returns to become king.
After One avatar dies a new one is born at the same moment and takes his/her place
Jesus died on the cross. 3 days later he rose as a symbol of rebirth.
The Unhealable Wound
My Sister's Keeper
Catching Fire
Catching Fire
In Catching Fire, Katniss is still struggling to recover not just physically, but mentally as well, after the Hunger Games. This shows in forms of flashbacks of the deaths of other tributes.
My Sister's Keeper
In My Sister's Keeper, Anna can't emotionally heal from her life as the only possible donor for her leukemic sister. Even as a child she knew the only reason she was born was to provide for her.
Battle Between Good & Evil
Throughout all of the seasons in Supernatural, Sam and Dean would fight demons, ghosts, and anything else deemed as a villain in an episode, all while saving people who are in the threats of these "bad guys".
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Charlie goes through his first year of high school and all throughout he has flashbacks of a deceased aunt who obviously held a special place for him and was now suffering because of the loss.
Teen Titans
Teen Titans
In Teen Titans, each episode invovles crime fighting heroes against any threatening villains. The Titans are viewed as the hereos due to their countless rescues.
The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy does plenty of good to be considered a good person and helps defeat the evil witches who are the villains in the story.
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