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Copy of Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your internet Experience.

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Alicia Teh

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your internet Experience.

Case Study 7: Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience 1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The current Apple business model follows three broad industry categories:
1. Software Engineering:
Apple is the world leader both in quality and functionality. Software is extremely profitable too, as Microsoft, Intuit, Oracle, Adobe and many other companies. Apple has set the technological pace for functionality and the end-user experience. With OS X, Apple will be developing faster and better software at a frantic pace for all of its general and niche markets: Education, Entertainment, Enterprise, Consumer. Its best strength however is in the Operating System software, not the application products. There is no equal to the Mac OS.
2. Hardware Manufacturing:
Apple design and creativity attracts and inspires copycats because of its technological prowess and innovative design. Cost of ownership is lower, built-in functionality is greater, and interoperability with the OS is tighter and easier. The hardware sales base has now extended into servers and mp3 players. Business Model: Apple 3. Retail:
Despite superior product offerings, Apple has failed to capture a large market share, but not for lack of effort. Clone licensing failed to generate greater sales. When the multi-colored iMac was introduced, newly won retailers resisted stocking the various colors. Apple as the direct employee staffs for each site to ensure that the technology is introduced properly. Apple has turned to the Apple Store in high traffic upscale malls to bring the product direct to the users. The six core elements of Google’s business model:
1. Searching Service:
Its makes easy use for its customers
Better experience and lessons
Enhance the user’s ability

2. Advertising Service:
Accurate specifications and layouts of advertising
Self-service advertising program
Help companies effectively reach potential customers

3. Network-Platform Strategy:
Product mix and sales
Open platform interfaces and information
The functions could be integrated with external suppliers Business Model: Google 4. Complementary Value Network:
Develop good network trust relationships
Build alliances based on complementary capacities
Promote the commercialization of complementary products

5. Co-opetition Value Network:
Build co-opetition relationship
Ensure the neutrality of the standards

6. Core Technology:
Powerful computing technology
The analysis technology for the relevance of content

Google’s main areas of strength its on search and advertising services. It as the most efficient search engine and good capability in supplier- buyer integration. Microsoft is still the leader in PC operating systems and desktop productivity software, but has failed miserably with smart phone hardware and software, mobile computing, cloud-based software apps, its internet portal, and even its game machines and software. But this contributes only 5% of its revenue, the rest comes from Windows, Office, and Network Software. Windows is the still operating system on 95% of the world 2 billion PCs.

Microsoft’s strength are:
It operates through regional subsidiaries
Its one of the top model
Microsoft is the world’s largest software company with global name recognition and strong. Business Model: Microsoft 2. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile platform offerings of each firm. Apple and Google wants to dominate the mobile market. By Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are both the key dominant players in the mobile computing market, and Microsoft fails in the mobile computing market. When the Internet exploded in size and popularity, it made increase in Apple’s revenue. Apple has loyal user base that has steadily grown and is very likely to buy future products offerings. Google is as strong as the size of its advertising network. When Google acquired Android, It was adding features to Android that Apple’s offering lacked, such as the ability to run multiple apps at once. iOS 5 is the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, includes over 200 new user features, and an updated Software Development Kit with over 1,500 new Application programming interface and powerful new development tools. Apple: iOS Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform for phones. It builds on the things people love most about Android easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing. Google: Android Windows Phone 7 is the latest version and where Microsoft offers a new user interface. This features its design language called Metro, integrates the operating system with third party services and other Microsoft services, and sets minimum requirements for the hardware, on which it runs. Windows Phone is primarily aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market. Microsoft: Windows Phone What is the Significance of Applications and app Stores to the Success or failure of mobile computing? An application in a mobile phones act as an added value

It performs task that the user desired to by using the user-downloaded application What is an Application? iPhone, with their app store are currently serving the most applications in the market

compared to the Google play (former android market) and windows marketplace. Comparison This “add-ons” are important, if a phone could serve good productivity application and aiding the user.

productivity apps such as Documents to Go are important for a businessperson

Documents to Go may enable them to do and access their work anytime and anywhere. Why? Not just from the productivity side point of view, apps could also serve for entertainment purposes.

Music and Games could be relaxing and entertaining

Social network that may also becoming one of the important factor on why people are choosing smartphones. Apple AppStore are currently the most famous one and serving more than 600000 apps and more than 25billion downloads

This is now becoming the mainpoint of what they are trying to sell besides the phone

Therefore the success of Apple, Google, and Microsoft can be decided by the Applications provided by them Which company and business model you think will prevail in this epic struggle? Apple is already achieving success in their mobile gadgets such as iPod, iPhone iPad and their computer system Mac

now google, which are success in the advertising and search engines are now starting to compete with Apple in their mobile operating system

Microsoft, has also entered the smartphones market since 2000, has not achieved much success. And now, they are trying to re-brand their image in the smartphones market, with hopes of achieving the same success as the Apple and Google does with their OS. Apple, Google and Microsoft Apple iOS and Google’s Android and Windows Phone is that Apple iOS are only available on the iPhones by Apple

Android and Windows Phone are distributed through the makers of mobile phones, making them to be an open software, rather than a closed one like the iOS, that may enable modifications and tweaks to the end user and manufacturers Differences Google will more likely to achieve success than it’s 2 competitors, due to Google’s Android has distributed to more manufacturers and a more open source for their apps rather than Microsoft does with their Windows Phone

Apple which have been success must face a though competition Opinion What difference would it make to you as a manager or individual consumer if Apple, Google,or Microsoft dominated the Internet experience? If they dominated the Internet experience, as a manager I will encourage the employees to use smartphones, since it could be useful to enchance productivity

as an end-user I will prefer of Apple’s iPhone and the new Windows phone since both of them are easier to use rather than Google’s Android.

Easier GUI could also lead to another factor why people choose to purchase on one over another. + Friends against Microsoft PC
- Enemies for Mobile Phones and
Apps + Friends against Google in search & ads
- Enemies for Mobile Marketplace Plain enemies in a variety of battles Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience Overview of Apple, Microsoft, Google Flexibility Issue
Closed vs. Open proprietary standards in Smartphones Apple’s preference for ‘closed’ proprietary standards on its phones
 Tightly controlled
 Available exclusively or selectively

 Can’t freely roam the Web
 Limited apps that can only work on Apple’s Smartphone Ivain Yousept 22328300
Hikam Fareed 22825959
Rexy Raudha 21831920
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