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Alissa Landau's Prezume

No description

Alissa Landau

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Alissa Landau's Prezume

Why Should Your District Hire
an Instructional Technology Specialist? *

Alissa Landau's
Google Apps for Education Certified
Extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps for Education
Comprehensive experience implementing Web 2.0 tools in the classroom
Experiene with creating and maintaining digital student portfolios
Adept at using Learning Management Systems and educational technology
Experienced with integrating technology into synchronous and asynchronous learning environments to enhance learning
Core Competencies
My Objectives
To help coordinate technical activities required for the development of administrative staff members and faculty
To support both teachers and students as they use technology to enhance teaching and learning
Certification of Instructional Technology Proficiency, Framingham State University, 2014
M.Ed., Salem State University, 1995
B.A., UMASS Amherst, 1993
Simmons College, 1989—1990
Recent Employment
2012—present: Teacher, Lynnfield S.O.F.A. Program, Lynnfield
2010—present: Paraprofessional, Lynnfield High School, Lynnfield
2009—present: Owner,What A Great Event! Event décor and design
2009—2010: Paraprofessional, Birch Meadow Elementary School, Reading
2008—2009: Paraprofessiona,l Reading Memorial High School
2003-2005: Director, Temple Ner Tamid Nursery School
EdCamp Boston 2014
The Benefits of Office 365 for Education and Exploring the Transition from Google Apps
The Best Windows 8 Apps
MassCUE 2013
EdCamp Seacoast 2013
Technology Integration to Meet the Needs of the Common Core
Project Based Learning
Authentic Education
Finding Your Element
Understanding by Design
Creating High-Quality Units
Meeting Standards by Design
Essential Questions
Authentic Feedback
Preparing Students for Digital Learning Success
Expanding the Boundaries - Leading in the Digital Age
Research for Better Teaching
Wilson Professional Learning
Graphic design, Computer programming
Digital scrapbooking, reading & writing
Anything crafty: soap making, cake decorating,
jewelry design, knitting, etc.
Fundraising: Lupus Foundation of America, Lyme Disease Foundation, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America; ASPCA
American Sign
Fun Facts About Me
I’ve lived in Lynnfield for 29 years

I have an identical twin
I love animals and have rescued four cats and four dogs (not all at the same time)
I have been married for over 20 years
One of the projects that I am working on for my course work is integrating aspects of reality television into a high school-level course
Most importantly, to maintain focus on
student achievement
as the end result, with technology as a vehicle to get there
To work as an Instructional Technology Specialist for a school district committed to implementing technology.
To help teachers with integration of hardware and software technologies into practical lesson plans
To identify trends in software, curriculum, teaching strategies and other educational areas
I will be a GREAT Instructional Technology Specialist!
Technology has changed education and changed how educators can leverage new educational tools to personalize learning, encourage collaboration, and prepare students for the future.

Technology integration is an important strategy for 21st century classrooms.

Through the intelligent use of technology, combined with new approaches to education, a more personalized style of learning can be realized.

Key elements of successful technology integration include: learning outcomes, recommendations on practices and programs by academic subject, tools, and tips for avoiding pitfalls when adopting new technologies.

One Technology Integration Specialist for an entire school district isn't enough! Most districts need more than one, as well as a team of Instructional Technology Specialists.

Having worked in the special education department at Lynnfield High School for the past four years has given me the chance to work with many classroom teachers in almost every department. I have worked with students with a wide variety of needs, both special ed and regular ed in many different ways and strive to always be a supportive, positive educator and facilitator of learning.

*And Why I'd Be Perfect For The Job
Scan this QR code with your QR code reader to go to my website.
Or you can go to my website at
This will work best if you click to view in full-screen mode!
Destination Imagination (Coach)
Recent Conferences and
Member of MassCUE (Massachusetts
Computer Using Educators)
MassCUE 2013
EdCamp Seacoast

To help ensure that students and staff are effective and responsible users of technology
To empower students and staff to be critical thinkers, ethical users of information, skillful researchers, and enthusiastic readers through the use of technology
Experienced in creating curriculum maps and vision for courses of all disciplines, such that the course supports and offers instruction that meets district-wide literacy, math and technology literacy skills
Get to Know My PLN
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