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Cherokee Tribe

No description

Katie Merced

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Cherokee Tribe

The poop They hunted deer, bear, and elk. They have 2 different homes, a summer home and a winter home. They lived in log cabins with roofs made of bark. The Cherokee were one of the 5 relocated tribes. The Cherokee's history is mostly moving because they lost almost all their land and also started battles with other tribes. The Cherokee live in northeastern Oklahoma. Some Cherokee live in western North Carolina . 4,000 Cherokee died on their journey to their new home. In 1838, the U.S. army started to make the Cherokee travel to what is now Oklahoma . They grew corn, beans, and squash. Depending on the season you would gather plums, grapes, berries, mushrooms, wild greens, persimmons, nuts, and/or wild potatoes. Just kidding! They also used bows and arrows to hunt animals. They would use rivers that were also used as roads to visit other Cherokee villages. 1838 The Cherokee were also one of the five civilized tribes. The Cherokee lost most of their power and land to white settlers. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!You made it through our presentation!!!! YAY!!! They had 200 to 400 people living in their village. Brought to you by Katie and Olivia! The End !!!!!!
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