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Introduction to Augustus

A prezi useful for introducing the life of the first Roman emperor, Augustus, to an ancient history class at approximately a year 10 level.

Johnny Salmon

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Introduction to Augustus

Born 63BC, Died 14AD
Officially adopted by Julius Caesar in his will in 44BC
Was originally named Octavius
Formed the Second Triumvirate with Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus in order to rule Rome
Their competing ambitions caused conflict within the Triumvirate
Augustus eventually defeated his former comrades, becoming sole ruler Augustus Background and Early Political Career Augustus as Emperor of Rome
Though Augustus had autocratic power he worked to restore the image and prestige of the earlier Republic, as well as restoring powers to the Senate
This was in direct contrast to Caesar's dictatorship which was more openly autocratic
Refused dictatorship when it was offered to him, but had many powers granted to him by the Senate
Augustus had the loyalty and support of most of the army and populace and was thus able to override the decisions of the Senate with ease
Augustus literally means 'the revered one', a reflection of the sentiments of the masses towards him
Augustus' reign was one of relative peace for Roman citizens His rule became the framework of government for the empire, even after his death, lasting until the fall of Constantinople in 1453
Divius Augustus was the state religion until Christianity took over
Considered by many to be Rome's greatest emperor
His revenue reforms and building projects had lasting impact
The month of August is named after him Legacy and Impact Yellow= Roman Republic before Augustus took over
Green= Territories conquered while Augustus was Emperor
Pink: Client States
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