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Christopher Columbus and the New World

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on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus and the New World

Christopher Columbus and the New World

was Christopher Columbus?
Christopher Columbus was an explorer. He tried to find a new passage to India, and he also believed he found this passage. But the truth was, he discovered a New World.
He was born between the 25th August and the 31st October 1451.
It is not really sure where he comes from, but people say he comes from Genoa, which is in Italy. His Italian name was: Cristoforo Colombo.

was the exploration?
Christopher Columbus did a lot of voyages to the "East Indies" as he called them. The "East Indies" are the Caribbean in front of America and also Central America.
His first voyage was from 1492 until 1493.
His second voyage was from 1493 until 1496
His third voyage was from 1498 until 1500
And his fourth and last voyage was from 1502 until 1504.
From the


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did Christopher Columbus explore?
Christopher Columbus goal was to find a new passage to India but instead of reaching India he reached other Islands.
People in those days thought that the globe was much smaller. They thought that there was one huge piece of land made up of Europe, Asia and Africa so they had no idea that America existed. So Christopher Columbus though he could sail to the west to end up sailing to India.
He went to the Dominicane Republic. He there visited Santo Domingo, Navidad and Isabela.
From the


to the

He sailed around Jamaica.
The five W's
did Christopher Columbus discover?

did Christopher Columbus go there?

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Inspiration from Christopher Columbus
Significance Criteria
Inspiration from Christopher Columbus
The Columbus Day it is a day to remember Christopher Columbus's first voyage to America in 1492. This day is celebrated in the United States on the second Monday of October. Other areas like South and Central America, Italy and Spain honor Columbus Day on the 12th.
Significance Criteria
Did people at the time thought it was important?

People at the time had some difficulties with Christopher Columbus. At that time they didn't really thought the discovery was really important.
Did it affected a lot of people?

I think the discovery of Christopher Columbus affected a lot of people because he found out that the world is not only made out of one huge piece of land made up of Europe, Asia and Africa. He discovered America.
Did it affect people daily?

Christopher Columbus did not affect the people daily, he had more of a long term affect.
Did it affect people for a long time?

The discovery of Christopher Columbus did affect people for a long time, he was the first person who discovered America. It still now affects us.
Is it still affecting attitudes or beliefs today?

Christopher Columbus discovery didn't affect our attitudes or beliefs but it changed our knowledge.
Did it led to other important events?

This event led other Europeans go to America and settle there. This event also changed the though of the one huge land.
On Christopher Columbus four journeys he took with him pineapples, potatoes and sweetcorn.
Christopher Columbus discovered a "New World."
The "New World" are the Caribbean and Central America.
Christopher Columbus found out that there was more than just this one piece of land as everyone at that time thought. He discovered that there was America.
Christopher Columbus wanted to find a new passage to India, sailing from the east. But instead of finding a new passage to India, he found America.
Was the discovery of Christopher Columbus significant?
I hope you enjoyed this presentation about:
The sea will grant each man new hope
The sleep brings dreams of home.
- Christopher Columbus, The Journal of Christopher Columbus (during his first voyage, 1492-93)
Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.
He died on the 20th May 1506. His death was just two years after his last voyage.
This is a picture of Christopher Columbus.
About Christopher Columbus
Columbus sailed from Jamaica west along the coast of Cuba.
Columbus sailed east along the coast off Central America.
There are some monuments for Christopher Columbus. There is a big one in Barcelona and one in Madrid.
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