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Kevin Ortiz

No description

Rocio Ramos

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Kevin Ortiz

Kevin Ortiz
Favorite Singer
Kevin Ortiz is my idol, he is a mexican singer because i like how he sings and how he encourages people to not give up on there dream.
Kevin Ortiz is a Latin pop singer from Pasadena, California, and the brother of singer and songwriter Gerardo Ortiz. Kevin is the youngest of five children. His parents are first-generation Americans; his grandparents are from Culiacán, Sinaloa, and his ties to regional Mexican musical traditions run deep and wide.
Like many of his peers, Ortiz began his musical studies when he was young. At the age of five he began playing accordion, learning polkas, rancheras, and conjuntos. Singing was something he did only with his friends.

He lives with his mom, dad, and grandma. He is very nice and cares about his fans, followers, family. He very attractive. His favorite color is teal.


Kevin's singing can be very romantic that makes you happy and wanna sing along to his songs.Me personally like his songs very much and hear many of his songs. Kevin Ortiz wants to follow the same steps as his brother Gerardo Ortiz.

What I like about Kevin Ortiz!
I like Kevin because he is so sweet to all his fans and cares about them.Also he tells all his fans to not give up and keep going on.
Kevin's fans always do what they can to never give up and to fight for there dreams. Some of his fans go to his concert and love take pictures when he is singing.

gfh h
That all changed when Gerardo entered the music industry and experienced success as both a songwriter and recording artist. Kevin had to try. His older brother wrote his first single, "Un Minuto," released in July of 2013, which got significant airplay and landed on the iTunes chart. Kevin and Gerardo were both winners at Univision's Youth Awards, and his older brother presented him with Youth Revelation Award. Kevin's debut album, Con la Misma Sangre, was issued in November of 2013. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi
Kevin Ortiz is a Regional Mexican music singer who also happens to be Gerardo Ortiz's brother. Together they compose and sing hard-core narco corridos which are based on true facts from stories of their beloved state Sinaloa, Mexico.

Both Kevin along with Gerardo were born in Pasadena, California but returned to their parent's home state when they were young.

Today on occasions, Kevin Ortiz tours with his brother Gerardo and collaborate on various hit songs to put a spectacular show.

He has been working on a new album.
Kevin has two brothers that also sing
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