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Curriculum Audit Presentation

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Taresa Wright-Fraser

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of Curriculum Audit Presentation

Curriculum Audit
The Riverview Gardens School District By
Mrs. Taresa E.
Mr. Carlton Brooks Mathematics
& Communication Arts K-12 Curriculum Curriculum Writing using Build Your Own Curriculum
Focus of Curriculum Writing and Implementatiion

Phase 1
aligning the district’s current curriculum with state standards District educators created quarterly benchmark tests in communication arts and mathematics that students took district-wide at each grade level. Results of the tests provided teachers information they used to drive instruction to improve student achievement. FOCUS OF
Evaluated how students performed on the quarterly tests.

Subsequent units of study were designed to help students connect concepts and skills.

The units of study were designed to help students develop and improve higher-level thinking skills. PHASE 2 Phase III
Will focus on evaluating the district’s current textbooks and instructional materials, as well as creating a long-term adoption timeline for each curricular area.
To ensure that curriculum and related materials are reviewed at regular intervals

To ensure they meet changes in state standards. The Riverview Gardens School District draws it's student enrollment primarily from five communities, including Dellwood, Bellfountaine Neighbors, Unincorporated St. Louis County, Glasgow Village, and Moline Acres. The Riverview Gardens School District, RGSD, is a North County district with an approximate enrollment of 6000 students. The district employees approximately 900 staff members; with 544 of those employees being certificated staff members. RGSD operates 1 High school, 2 middle schools, 9 elementary schools, and 1 early childhood center. In addition the district works with an outside agency (ACE ) that serves approximately 250 high school level alternative education students. Additionally RGSD operates its own internal alternative education program for middle school students, servicing approximately 60 sixth thru eighth grade students. The district's enrollment is approximately 99.2% African American, with a free and reduced student count of 95%. Roughly 80% of the communities households are matriarchal. RGSD serves over 600 homeless who depend on the district for educational placement. RGSD educators using an online curriculum management tool called Build your Own Curriculum to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with state standards. Board of Education Members
The Special Administrative Board (SAB) of Riverview Gardens is the governing body of the school district. It consists of two district residents who were appointed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to serve a three year term, one member who was appointed is not a resident. Hire and evaluate the superintendent and delegate all administrative responsibilities
Approve the school district's budget
Establish goals and evaluate outcomes
Adopt and evaluate policies
Connect with the community
Assure school district performance SAB The Riverview Gardens School District is currently under the governance of a Special Administrative Board. Due to the transfer of governance, at this time the District does not have an elected board of education. As such the district does not hold elections. RGSD is 1 of only 2 of the 522 school districts
in the state of Missouri not governed by an elected board?! Organizational Structure Standard 1Findings
Board Policies
Mission Statement
Employee Morale
Planning Documents
Teacher Evaluations
Organization Chart Standard 2 Findings
Curriculum Guides incomplete or did not exist
Content & Completion
No Method of Monitoring Curriculum Implementation
Currently being revised under 3 Focus Phases Standard 3 Findings
Staff allottments
Course allottments
Special Population
Free and reduced lunch population Standard 1 Recommendations
Continued development of Board Policies
Write new mission statement for new district
Articulate this statement to all staff
Update teacher evaluation document
Make accessible to all Standard 2 Recommendations
Continued use of BYOC
Develop uniformity in curriculum formats
Include method for monitoring the implementation
Include specific Assessment measures
Include timeline for implementation
Identify person or persons to monitor curriculum implementation Standard 3 Recommendations
develop and fully review curriculum guides
these guides should be fully reviewed and board approved
adequate resources allocated to the classrooms and buildings at all levels

Standard 4 Findings
Discovery Education Benchmark Assessment
administered District-wide
intended to be administered 1 per quarter
intended to be teacher generated
immediate feedback to students and teachers

Map Test
End of Course Testing Standard 4 Recommendations
Continued use of the Discovery Assessments
Share results with students
Use to enhance instruction and address areas of deficiency. Standard 5 Fndings
Access Standard 5 Recommendations
Implement more promising practices
Establish the support and monitoring of the promising practices
Address the Multitude of Facility Needs at BOTH Middle & High school THE END!!!! Additional Demographic Data
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