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Expanding Education

No description

Amanda Rowell

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Expanding Education

Expanding Education
School for Children
In 1865-1895, states pass laws that children attend school. Reasons for this was reformers urged children to get a good education so they can have better job opportunities and participate in civic affairs.
The Effects of Schools
With schools being mandatory for children and with all the kids attending, this caused the demand for libraries and museums to increase. At the same time illiteracy decreases, and the attendance increases at all levels.
School Discrimination
During the time that schools were being used often there was a lot of discrimination. In schools mostly were white and few were black. Black kids who went to school were usually enrolled in private schools that had NO government support.
Immigrants Education
When immigrants came to America they were encouraged to be put in to schools to learn about America to be Americanized. Catholics and Christians were put in to different schools.
In the end our schools ended up improving immensely because now we have all races and colors of skin attending school and getting a good education.
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