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Class of 2015 - College Planning Night

No description

Rebecca Barton

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of Class of 2015 - College Planning Night

Your College Planning Partners
Patti Micheo (A-Holler) - Junior Counselor
Yvonne van Andel (Hollin-Z) - Junior Counselor
Rebecca Barton - College/Career Specialist

Understand Admission Factors
Explore College Options
January 15, 2013
JSerra Catholic High School Junior Night
Parents & Students - Class of 2015
The College Planning Process
Your College Planning Timeline
Tim Tank - Financial Aid Information
Question & Answer Session
Explore college options
College Fit-What is that?
ACT at SHS - April 19th
Understand the college admissions process
Understand the financial aid process
Develop your to-do list tonight!
The College Planning Process
What Colleges Consider
The first part of planning for college is understanding what factors colleges consider when looking at a student profile.
Your high school academic record is one of the most important factors in college admissions.
Above all, think about where
you will be the most happy and successful
in your college life.
Size and diversity of student body
Location-WUE opportunities for out of state
Academic programs
Campus life — athletics, activities, housing
Graduation and retention rates
Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
What to Consider
Take a campus tour
Speak with an admission counselor
Ask about financial aid opportunities
Sit in on a class of interest
Read the student newspaper
Talk to students and faculty
Participate in overnight stays
Visit Campuses
Narrow and categorize your choices:
Get Organized!
a Financial Plan

Come to our Financial Aid night we offer in December for Seniors.
Determine all college costs — not just tuition.
Calculate your college savings so far and see if you’re on track.
Estimate your family’s expected contribution —
An EFC calculator is available at www.collegeboard.com/payforcollege
FAFSA Forecaster - Get your PIN now
Search for scholarships
Visit Your Colleges Financial Aid Website
Spend most of your time with local scholarships
OSAC - 1 app for over 500 Scholarships
Log onto Naviance in the Scholarship sections to see what our 2014 Seniors are applying to.

Remember to explore every opportunity!
Add It Up
Compare financial aid opportunities and determine how they fit with other contributions:
How likely are you going to qualify for financial opportunities at each school based on:
Your ACT/SAT scores
Cumulative GPA
Activities, Athletics, Awards
Factors for you to Consider:
Naviance is an essential tool to
help keep you organized through
the planning and application process.

Personality and career interest inventories
Career exploration and match
College Supermatch
Scattergram - match yourself up
Scholarship search
SHS college admissions visits
Application tracking tool
Some tools that can increase your readiness:
Check your email daily
Build a good relationship with your counselor (cookies and coffee help)
Get organized: use Naviance
Start the process early and finish your essays in the summer
Remember that senior year counts
Know you will get into college -
A Bit of Advice From Your Friendly

Which colleges are right for you?
Finding your fit
Tim Tank - Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
805 SW Broadway, Suite 2300
Portland, OR 97205
Dir. 503.221.7612 | Fax 800.452.0966

Quality/Rigor of Academic Courses
Academic Performance/Grades
Weighted GPA's?
Cumulative GPA
Test Scores (ACT, SAT, Subject Tests, AP, etc.)

Extracurricular Activities
Community Involvement
Letters of Recommendation
Demonstrated Interest
Personal interview
Grades and Course Work
Primary Factors
Additional Factors
Sherwood High School
College Planning Night For Juniors
March 23rd, 2017

Prepare for the ACT on March 18th here at SHS
Use PrepMe in Naviance - Free ACT Prep
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