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Meaning of Yinka

No description

yinka alimi

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Meaning of Yinka

Meaning of Yinka
Meaning of my name

Olayinka means wealths surrounding me. The Ola part means Wealth and the Yinka part means Surrounding me.
Yinka is a unisex name meaning anyone , boy or girl can be name that.
I was named after my dad, also named Olayinka.
The name Yinka comes from Nigeria, which is in western Africa.
Yinka is not just its own name, it has to follow by another name to give it a meaning.
Olayinka, Adeyinka, Soyinka are examples of names that help give yinka a meaning.
Yinka is a short term or cutted from the name OLAYINKA
Olayinka is my first name but my mom changed it to my middle name but i still consider it as my first name and now you guys know the maening of Yinka which means Surrounding me.
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