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jay lin

on 21 December 2009

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Transcript of pops

POPS&BITES fun baked ideas BY Martin Jay Lin
Ryuji Koyano
Joseph Tan
Rafael Villaflores
Kei Abrera irresistible collection of exquisite cupcakes & popcakes sweet inspiration fun ideas OBJECTIVE sweet pastries in a new trend BRING smile into your face EVOKE childhood memories GOAL 1 2 3 satisfy the cravings
leave them a distinct pleasure
return to our shop again + again be proud of our products CLIENT OPERATION location 4th floor of Glorietta 4 management three employees Mondays to Sundays 10AM to 11pm interior plan PRODUCTS MARKETING STRATEGY Cost plan The following is an estimate and summary of the cost associated with POPS&BITES in setting up a store in Glorietta 4, Makati City.

Construction 5,000
Interior Design 10,000
Labour 5,000
Kitchen equipment 18,000
Tables & chairs 6,000

TOTAL 48,000

Rent 60,000
Payroll 29,000
Packaging Materials
Kitchen Supplies 40,000

TOTAL 129,000

Printing of Advertising Materials 1,500
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