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My Presentation

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Midnight Cook

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of My Presentation

My Presentation
The rule of thirds
The rule of thirds is fitting the main important things in the shot and making it very clear to the audience that it is important.
Everything I have found out about getting the right shots will help me in my movie trailer. I have chosen to do a group trailer working with two others.
By Midnight Cook
What we have learnt
We have been learning about the 180 degree rule. Also about different kind of camera angles when filming. We have made a small clip with all the main shots in it. This is called a shot-reverse-shot.
180 Degree rule
our group trailer will be action/ thriller. We will be using the 180 degree rule and shot reverse shot.
Planning and listing everything is something we have been spending a lot of time on to make sure we get everything right. And making sure the actors that we will be using know exactly what they are doing.
What I have been doing and what I have learnt that will help me with my trailer.
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