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Nowhere TO Call Home-Audra Bachman

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere TO Call Home-Audra Bachman

A lot of things happened in chapter 1. The biggest thing that happened was Francis, the main character, has to find her father dead. We later found out that her father killed himself because he lost all his money. This left Francis feeling horrible because Francis was not enough for him to be able to stay alive without his money.
Chapter 1
Chapter 4 and 5
These chapters were the chapters to describe when she left for Chicago. Before she left she said her goodbyes to all the servants which was very hard to do for Francis because they were the family she never had. Then she was driven by a taxi with her bag of clothes and personal items including her favorite harmonica to the train station. There she was assisted by a red cap to her car which was very fancy. Since she was not familiar with money she gave the red cap a one dollar tip. Finding it hard to sit there, Francis got off the train and went to redeem her ticket for full price. Francis wanted to be a hobo, so she was going to be a hobo.
Chapter 6 and 7
Francis was new to the whole hobo train hopping idea so when she tried to get on a train she was caught by the train guard. But because she looked to harmless and the fact that she was a girl he let her go. After that Francis went out and bought clothes to look like a boy and she cut her hair short. Then she waited till night and hopped on a train. There she played her harmonica and found that she was not alone in the train car. She then met Stewpot the hobo and got her name Frankie Blue.
Chapter 2 and 3
These chapters must have been really hard for Francis. She was told that her only living relative, Aunt Bushnell, was going to take her in her home in Chicago. She was told that she was going to take a train that was already paid for. Then she was told to pack her things but only some clothes and some personal items because the rest was being sold to cover her father's debts.
BY: Audra Bachman
Nowhere TO Call Home

Chapters 8 through 10
In these chapters Frankie and Stewpot are in Pittsburg. While they are there Stewpot introduces Frankie to his hobo friends. They are sent out to find food after that so that all the friends and them can eat. After doing work for a farmer they are fed very well and given food for the road ahead. After eating the group falls fast asleep.
Chapters 11 through 13
These chapters take place in Pittsburg. Frankie learns that trust is a hard thing to keep because when she wakes up in the morning, she finds that her valuables are gone that were in her bag. After that big event, Stewpot and Frankie decide to hit the road. They head into town to get some food for the road. After receiving many things from the bakery, Stewpot takes Frankie to get her own knife for 75 cents. They then leave the town for the tracks.
Chapters 14 through 16
These chapters take place in Cincinnati. Within these chapters, Stewpot teaches Frankie how to whittle. This shows that they are really becoming close. Another thing that shows they are becoming close is that Stewpot tells Frankie about his dream future as a farmer. After being on the train and reading to Stewpot, Frankie jumps from the train to get off and fall and hurts her leg. She sticks through it tough and decide to go fin some food with Stewpot. Through these chapters we really see both the characters in Stewpot and Frankie that make them so close.
Chapters 17 through 19
These chapters take place in Davenport, Iowa. While on the road Stewpot and Frnkie run into a group of guys with s very strange girl called, Plain Jane. After this Frankie knows she needs to tell Stewpot her secrets. When she tells him about her dad and the fact that she is a girl, he says he figured all of it out before. We then learn his real name, James Haskell. Then when they jump out of the train, they are arrested and put in jail for the night where they were treated bad because they were hobos but the other inmates were treated good and given better food. These chapters were full of crazy things happening.
Chapters 20 to 23
These chapters take place in many places. When the two wake up at the Mission, Frankie goes to find food for the travel ahead of them. Before that she tells Stewpot about her Aunt in Chicago. On her trip for food Frankie buys blankets, Medicine, food, and warm clothing. Then when she gets back they head for the tracks. After a while Frankie opens the door of the train and they see the mountains. They then reached the Hooverville.
24 to the end
These chapters are very sad. Stewpot dies while trying to get in a cab. After that Frankie is left alone and sad. IN that moment Frankie makes a huge decision. She chooses to go to Chicago to her aunts. When she gets to her aunts house she sees the symbol scratched in the wood. A cat.
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