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Counting by 7's

No description

Olivia Reves

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Counting by 7's

By: Olivia Reves

Counting by 7's : Realistic Fiction Novel
Holly Goldberg Sloan

Holly has written a previous novel before Counting by 7's.
"I'll be there" was published in 2011.
Counting by 7's was published in 2013.
Holly was born in Michigan, but has lived most of her life in California, with the exception of when she resided overseas in Holland and Turkey.
While being a New York Times bestseller, she is also a minor film director and producer.

Setting of Counting by 7's
This story takes place in Bakersfield, California. It is in fact a real town in the San Joaquin Valley.
"If you are lost, you might need to swim against the tide."
Main Characters
Willow Chance
is the oddball out. But she's also a genius. Everything you would ever need to know about medicine or plants or science or math or poems or books.. etc etc.
She is a garden enthusiast and budding doctor, at only twelve years old. As an adopted child, she struggles to fit in with society, and it becomes more of a struggle when she suffers a great loss. Now she doesn't know where she belongs.
Dell Duke
is Willow's counselor. After thought to be cheating at a test she whizzed through, Willow goes to see Dell in his small trailer office on the school property. Dell is, if you judge his book by his cover, lazy and rude, but as Willow burrows into him, he turns out to be a caring and sensitive sort of guy.
Mai Nguyen
is Willow's older high school friend. They met at one of Dell Duke's counciling sessions. They overcome struggles together as life goes on for them.
Quang-ha Nguyen
is Mai's older yet trouble making brother.
Pattie Nguyen
is Mai and Quang'ha's single mother. She helps Willow through the loss, even though she is struggling herself.
Jairo Hernandez
may not seem important, as him being Willow's taxi driver, he actually plays a vital role in her life, as she does the same for his own life.
Short Summary without giving all the details away !
Young Willow Chance has found herself stuck in society, not knowing how to belong anywhere. That gets worse when a very tragic accident within her family occurs, so she is forced to live among some friends she scarcely knows. From living in a garage, and being attacked by a coffee table elephant, from ditching school, to building an elaborate garden, join a genius, a dictator, a counselor, a troublemaker, a refugee, and a taxi driver on the roller coaster of life. In the end, you will truly discover what the meaning of family really means, and no longer have to count by 7's, but you will count to 7.
Mood and Theme of Counting by 7's
is the world I would use to describe the mood in Counting by 7's because when I was reading this story, it really made me think about the characters, and I felt their sadness and struggle.
The Sense of Belonging
is what I would use to describe the theme of this book. All throughout the story, the main character has to learn how to fit in and deal with a great loss.
Why you should go and get this book RIGHT NOW !
For one thing, I really loved this book because the characters stuck with me long after reading. The author puts Willow's words into place very nicely. Holly Goldberg Sloan talks about the meaning of life in a simplified tone. She explains life like it's a flower, or a tree. Some quotes are on the next slide.
If you want reading material that is sad, but happy, serious, but funny, you should definitely read this heartwarming book.
"If you're lost, you might need to swim against the tide."
Quotes from the book
"I have seen trees that survive fire.
Their bark is burned and their limbs are dead branches.
But hidden underneath that skeleton is a force that sends a single shoot of green out into the world.
Maybe if I'm lucky, that will one day happen to me.
But right now, I can't see it.
"One of the few things that Willow had said in the last month was that everything in life could be seen in a garden."
Some other facts about Counting by 7's
It is told in first person throughout most of the book from Willow Chance's point of view, but in some chapters it is told in 3rd person focusing on one person.
The genre is realistic fiction.
Counting by 7's is a Black Eyed Susan book for next year !
Counting by 7's is available at any bookstore and is also located at the library.
Questions ?
A Short Summary created especially not to give all the good details away !!
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