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Copy of BIOMES

See The Biomes In The World Hope You Enjoy

alexander sherman

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of BIOMES

The tundra is located in the north and south pole
The Taiga
plants / animals
plants: lichens relay on the alga to make food
plants: grass relay on water to survive
animals: caribou relay on lichens
animals: lemmings live in snow tunnels
The Deciduous Forest
The Deciduous forest is located in the eastern part of the united states.
located in central united states
the climate of the Deciduous forest is temperate which means it never gets too cold or too hot
beech tree
this tree has brood leaves to absorb the sun
The Deciduous Forest
has fur to survive in the winter
By Alexander Sherman
Frigid temperatures. Long dark winter.
short, cool summers. little precipitation
The Taiga is located in mostly in Canada
The Climate Of The Taiga is that it has long cold winters and short summers and
it has constant snow cover
The Taiga
cat tail
this plant lives in a lake
cross bill
eats pine cone seeds to survive
temperate in most regions. cold winters hot summers.
little precipitation
needs water in the grasslands to survive
eats grass to live
southwestern united states
it has milder tempters compared to deserts around the world. it has cold nights and hot dry days
elf owl
lives in cacti for protection
kangaroo rat
lives in a hole to survive
rain forest
along the equator
warm and humid
also lots of rain
the end
Thank you!
Top 3 Ways To Live Green
Living Green
use renewable resources
recycle paper and plastic
use biodegradable soap
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