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Johnson v. M'Intosh

No description

Maheen Baig

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Johnson v. M'Intosh

Closing Statement
The Cheif Justice ruled that M'Intosh's grant of the land was valid over Johnson's because M'Intosh went to Congress to get his grant.
Who was involved
Robert Harper(plaintiffs)
Henry Murray(defendant)
Cheif Justice Marshall
The date in the case: 1823
Argued: February 15, 1823
Feb17-19 ,1823
Decided : February 28, 1823
1775 Thomas Johnson and other British citizens bought area in Northwest Territory in VA from people in the Piankeshaw Indian tribes
Purchase was under 1763 proclamation by the King of England
Johnson gave this land to his ascendents
1818 William M'intosh bought 11,000 acres from Congress
Johnson's ascendents sued M'Intosh for the land
Local court agreed with M'Intosh
Johnson's ascendents went to Supreme Court
Johnson v. M'Intosh
By: Maheen Baig and Berlyn Smith

The case took place in the State and District of Illinois. It also took place in Supreme Court. In the 1820s there weren't any civil rights so it was hard for the native americans to do poitical actions.

What(main issues)
The main issues were that the Indians issued the land privately to Johnson, but M'Intosh went to Congress and bought that land.
How: this case impacted society because it helped congress realise that they needed a clear way for people to purchase land without there being confusion
Why:this case was important because this was probably going to happen again because people always buy land
Opening Statement
M'Intosh argued that since he bought the land from Congress his grant of the land was valid.
Johnson argued that he wanted the private grant of the land to be valid over the one that Congress issued
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