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War Genre

No description

Eli Thomas

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of War Genre

War Cinema War Genre & Films Movies have depicted war, along with its intrinsic struggles, horrors and opportunities for valor, since the initial years of film. The category of war films extends to virtually all film genres, including action, romance, suspense, comedy, and westerns. CHARACTERS Settings/Scenes The themes presented in war movies include leadership, fighting enemies, patriotism, personal breakdowns, effects on society, and the absurd aspects of war. Even though war movies are very diverse, they do share several characteristics. THEMES War movies often portray soldiers from various geographical, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Soldiers depicted in WWII movies typically included American combatants with Irish, Italian, and Jewish roots. Sequences portraying combat that involves fighter planes, tanks, warships, firearms and hand-to-hand combat have been constant hallmarks of war movies. Shoulder Arms (1918) "Shoulder Arms" set a style for many war films to come and it is considered the first comedy about war in film history. Doughboys (1930) All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Films made following World War I tended to emphasize the horror and futility of warfare. Camera/Color Techniques In Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg uses de-saturated colors throughout the film. The film appears to have muted colors, except for the redness of the blood. In the Omaha beach scene, Spielberg uses hand held camera shots. Hand held camera shots give the feeling that the audience is in the D-day battle. Full Metal Jacket (1987) Birth of a Nation (1915) Pearl Harbor (2001) Act Of Valor (2012)
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