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Septimus Heap: Magyk

Foreshadowing, Characters etc...

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Transcript of Septimus Heap: Magyk

Septimus Heap: Magyk Main Characters Septimus Heap Jenna Heap Marcia Overstrand Sarah Heap Silas Heap Nicko Heap 7th Book-Name and cover not announced yet foreshadowing Everything is quiet. All you can see are our reflections in the river. Then Aunt Zelda starts off ; " Sister Moon, Sister Moon, show us if you will the first day of life of Septimus Heap. Everyting goes black. Then appears Sarah Heap cradling her newborn. Septimus. The midwife hands Sarah a drink. While she drinks it the midwife is feeding the baby the same thing. Sarah starts feeling drowsy. Baby Septimus then falls asleep forthe drink was too strong for him. The midwife wraps the baby in cloths until he looks like a miniature mummy, leaving a small hole right where his nose should be. She pronounces him dead to Sarah and runs off with him. Silas sees the midwife run away cradling the bundle and asks Sarah for answers on what was happening. She then sadly says that their baby is dead. Sad, Silas walks out just outside of the forest, when he sees something in the snow. It's a newborn baby girl with violet eyes. Taking to show the baby to Sarah, they then raise it as their own child along with their six other sons. As for Septimus he is being taken by the midwife to the Young Army where she works at the daycare for lost, abandoned, and unwanted children. She sets him down at a crib right next to a baby boy of her own. She then gets her son to feed him a bottle when a man walks in. He tries to take the baby while the woman screams and cries saying it's the wrong child. The man gets hold of him and runs off not knowing that it is not Septimus Heap. His orders from Dom Daniel were to take the baby that the midwife would be holding. Following orders, he did. Dom Daniel wanted Septimus because he was the seventh son of the seventh son. What this meant was that he had undeniably powerful Magyk. This was meant to be used for good, but Dom Daniel had other plans. He then figured that the boy he claimed to be Septimus Heap didn't have good Magykal skills at all. Back at the young army though, Septimus Heap spent ten long, hard years as Boy 412 in the Young Army.------- Then the river turned back to seeing everyone's reflections. " He's alive Jenna said. But Aunt Zelda why can't we just ask the moon to show us the mother of Septimus Heap now". Its hard to make the moon show you two things in one night, but we could try. Sister Moon, Sister Moon, show us if you will the mother of Boy 412". At first nothing's changed, but then everybody's reflection starts fading and the river goes as black as the midnight sky. Then slowly Sarah Heap's image appears. Then everyobody's refelctions return once again. "Septimus". Said Sarah, and she takes off for the first time Boy 412's red cap to reveal a mess of curly blonde hair. Credits: Septimus Heap: Magyk by Angie Sage
Google images
Septimus Heap: The Magykal Papers by Angie Sage Extra Characters: * The four Heap bro's that live in the forest
* Simon Heap ( another brother )
* Marcia Overstrand- ExtraOrdinary Wizard
* Alther Mella- ExtraOrdianry Wizard ghost
* Stanley- Message Rat, recently divorced
* Dawnie- Recently divorced to Stanley
* Milo Bando- Jenna's real father THANX 4 WATCHING:
BY: LESLIE C. AND LILIA M. How the characters change throughout the book: Septimus- He starts by being Boy 412 then later becomes the powerful Septimus Heap---
Jenna- Starts by being just cute, violet eyed Jenna daughter of Sarah and Silas Heap and later discovers she is the hidden princess---
Alther Mella- ExtrOdinary Wizard to ExtraOrdinary Wizard ghost( no really throughout the book, it's actually this way from the begining. =) More Foreshadowing Why I remember it like it was yesterday. - Well, how are you doing Queen Cerys" I am doing lovely, why thank you Alther, how about you". Wonderful, my Queen" Please, call me Cerys" It's a wonderful morning is it not Cerys" It is Alther." So, how is the Castle's beloved baby princess doing, turining to look at the precious baby. She's good, thank you. Marcia walks in, greets the Queen, and takes a seat next to Alther. Then the Assasin walks in and shoots Queen Cerys. He then struggles to shoot Alther, but finally succeeds and the bullet shoots him right at the heart. The Assasin launches a bullet at the princess but Marcia takes the infant princess right before the bullet hits her and runs off setting the baby down just outside of the forest. Silas Heap then finds her and secretly Marcia tells him to keep her, and raise her as his own. Marcia then takes over the Wizard tower as the new ExtraOrdinary Wizard.------" You see though Jenna, things happen for a reason. You can figure out later though. When the Time is Right". Illustrations: Comin Soon =) Mainest character of all
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