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Doctor Who

A quick introduction to this amazing TV show!

Tom Su

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

No one knows, exactly!
What we have discovered about the Doctor is that he is a time-traveler from a planet known as Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, whose inhabitants are known variously as either Time Lords or Gallifreyans. He had a Gallifreyan father and a human mother.
The Doctor has gone by many aliases. The most common of these are:
the Doctor (yep! that's not his true name; only a few people know that)
Theta Sigma (a college nickname)
John Smith
Who is the Doctor?
Want some music? Press play for all the Doctor Who theme songs!
Remember, you can still press 'forward' while the video is playing.
The changing face of the Doctor
Gallifrey was the legendary planet of the Time Lords, sometimes also called 'the Shining World of the Seven Systems'.
It was somewhat like Earth, but with a "burnt orange sky" and trees with silver leaves which made the forests look as if they were on fire. Encased in a huge glass dome "on the continent of Wild Endeavour, in the mountains of Solace and Solitude, there stood the Citadel of the Time Lords. The oldest and most mighty race in the universe". The Citadel was also called the Capitol.
At one point in time, the Time Lords 'cloned' Gallifrey eight times to make the Nine Gallifreys. Gallifrey was destroyed by the Doctor to end the Time War.
The home world of the Time Lords
The TARDIS is the Doctor's main form of transport and also his home.
TARDIS is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Its official name is a TT Capsule. TARDISes can travel through both time and space, and travel by de- and re-materialising from one place to another. They are dimensionally transcendental (bigger on the inside).
The Doctor's TARDIS is an extremely outdated Type 40TT Capsule. Despite many problems (the controls occasionally malfunction and the Doctor can't fly it properly; the chameleon circuit is also broken [this is a device designed to change the TARDIS's appearance to blend into its surroundings; the Doctor's TARDIS is stuck as a 1963 police box]), the Doctor remains fond of it and once refused a new TARDIS.
The TARDIS's personality was also once transferred into a woman.
The Doctor's TARDIS
Most of the Doctor's incarnations had access to one of his most valuable tools - a sonic screwdriver.
This versatile device assists the Doctor in almost everything he does, and is (primarily) a defensive, harmless tool as opposed to a weapon. Its main function is to open doors, but it can also perform many other useful and mundane tasks, such as intercepting signals, cutting and repairing cable, hacking electronic locks, devices or machines, medical diagnostics and healing wounds, creating a spark, and, of course screwing or unscrewing screws!
It has limitations though, such as not working on deadlocks, wood, or near hairdryers.
The Sonic Screwdriver
Sonic devices aren't just used by the Doctor, and they're not all screwdrivers!
At any point in time, the Doctor has had at least one ally with him. These companions travel with him and fight by his side. For some reason, they are mainly human (his favourite race) and/or female.
His current companions are Amy and Rory Pond (his parents-in-law) and, occasionally, River (his wife and their daughter).
This is just some of the many companions who have accompanied the Doctor throughout his travels!
Everywhere the Doctor goes, he fights for his sense of right. But in doing so, he has made himself enemies with a vast amount of beings across the universe - Time Lords, Daleks, Cybermen, Silence and Weeping Angels are among the worst.
A gathering of some of the Doctor's oldest enemies
A short, fan-made video intended as a tribute to the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated. It will also help to introduce him.
Interested in Dr Who? Here are some interesting sites to visit!
The official Dr Who website
TardisWikia, the Dr Who equivalent of Wikipedia
Related Sites
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