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Coming of Age

No description

Lauren vanderHorst

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Coming of Age

The Coming-of-Age Film
Common Plot
Growing Up Sucks
This Week's Feature Film
Adults are Unrelatable
Rite of Passage
Romance and Love
New trend:
Delayed Coming of Age
Coming-of-age films focus on the psychological and moral growth of a character (or characters) at a pivotal point in their life.
The end of childhood has come
- Reminiscing about simpler times

Adults are often depicted as...
The story of an
adult writer who writes a book about his childhood adventure with friends.
Focus on personal
and change
- the
hero leaves
the familiar
world behind
- the
hero learns
to navigate life in an
unfamiliar world
- the
hero returns
to the familiar world
with a
new outlook on life
Loss of Innocence
Finding Yourself
a ritual
that marks a person's
transition from one status to another.
Discovering the corruption of the world
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Goonies
A single event occurs that alters the protagonist's perspective on life and his place in the world
The protagonist has remained mentally a child their entire life and only finally experiences these things at a later age than is socially acceptable
40 year old Virgin
Young Adult
Also, Second coming of age
(Mid-Life Crisis)
This is 40
Dan in Real Life
Romantic relationships often develop between two very different characters,
i.e. opposites attract
The Hero's Journey
Rotten Tomatoes
91% critics
92% audience
Often centered around teens
from youth to adulthood
Character develops an increased
Concentrates on both the
of youth
Adult life is complicated and difficult
- Responsibility
Entering the "real world"
- Beginning college
(Orange County)
- Working crappy jobs
The Perks of Being
a Wallflower
My Girl
Family conflict and divorce
First experience with death
"out of touch"
incompetent idiots
unfair dictators
uncaring and calloused
- specifically loss of virginity
- experimentation with
drugs and alcohol
Leaving home
Sweet Sixteen/Quincenera
Rich guy, poor girl
(Pretty in Pink)
Popular girl and nerd
(Can't Hardly Wait)
These romances are often
"first love"
Members of rival groups
(Romeo and Juliet)
Good girl and rebel guy
(Say Anything)
The main characters struggle to decide their own future and realize their true self
Living your dreams
Forming your own opinions
Coping with expectations
Making your own decisions
This effort is usually in direct defiance to their peers and/or parents' wishes
The realization that adulthood isn't
everything you imagined it would be
(Set in 1959)
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