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jian zhang

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Trainning


Allows you to create a unique presentation on one page

Not slide-by-slide display

Share with your partner anywhere, anytime Working online

Working locally Start to Build... Prezi has a number of fonts that you can chose from. To select fonts from the Prezi library Different angle views, simply change the distance from page to page Download the prezi file
- view offline /sent to anyone

You can create, share, edit and present prezi with up to 40 people in real time anywhere Who you should ask for help
- Create Service (Design)
- WDS (If you have any questions)

What service Creative Service can provide to you
- Design
- Final graphic

Different needs ask for different file name extension

Plan ahead for the teamwork Always save a copy of your file

Send the link to client to view the presentation, Please ask client to use the IE 8+

When working on a large file (many pages, swf files, images, etc), use Firefox instead of Google Chrome.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player

Resizing the elements without changing the quality in prezi:
- Import the image, text or vector image as a swf file in prezi. Remember if you choose to use a swf file, you will not be able to edit it in prezi.
- If the text needs to be changed frequently, don’t use swf.

For different angle views, simply change the distance from page to page

If you want to share the file with others for editing, remember to save an original copy in your account or download one to your computer.

If you decide to hand over your file to the client, just share the editing link with them. They will be able to access the prezi file from their own account by simply making a copy, renaming it and deleting the original file. This step disconnects the original file.

It’s a great idea to use the ‘My Collection’ function.
- It allows you to save any elements, master pages or individual pages you want to backup or reuse.
- These may also be pages of information that the client wants returned after the presentation. You can start to edit the file after login
You can save a copy in your own account For example: animation - swf; transparent effect - png; etc
Make the image as .SWF or .PDF extension for the best quality while zooming Collaborate with other departments "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..." Lorem Ipsum A B C A Morbi at augue sed diam porttitor Morbi at augue sed diam porttitor B Morbi at augue sed diam porttitor C Sample - PowerPoint Sample - Prezi As the owner of the prezi, if you close the prezi, you will end the session.

These links only allow someone to view your prezi, they do not allow them to edit it.

Sending this link to someone will not put a copy of your prezi in their prezi library. Important notes: Private presentation

Working online and offline

Use your own logo

Premium support

2 GB storage space Public presentation

Working online only

100MB storage space VS PRO Free
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