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No description

Stephen Harris

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Expedia

Travel Yourself Interesting
Human Truth:
People want to be interesting = travel
Gerry Human, the chief creative officer said "this is an outstanding next step in Expedia's brave and smart avoidance of clichéd travel marketing in favour of a campaign that's more about what you get out of travel, than where you go."
Social Values & Epistemic Values

The Campaign
The Campaign
Ogilvy & Mather / London, International
Office in Santa Monica, LA
Largest marketing communication company in the world.
Coco Cola, World cup, Ford
Advertising Agency
Travel Yourself interesting, dramatized the fact that travel experiences make you a more interesting person when you return.
TV commercials
Print Ad
Social Media
Big Idea
Creative Brief
Selling travel as an investment, not a cost
Acknowledge the value of travel
The idea is to make yourself more interesting.
The Campaign
Awards: Cannes Lion Creative Effectiveness Award, D&AD, The One Show, London International, the Marketing Society Awards for Excellence.
Why this Campaign?
Not your cliche travel ad
Travel Yourself Interesting
Who hasn't traveled and had a great story or learned something new.
Perceptual problem:
People are not interesting
Who are we talking to?
Someone not well traveled, don't have any good stories, think travel is a luxury
Current Perception:
Reliable/good hotel and flight finder

Creative Brief
Future Perception:
Cheap hotel flight finder that will get you the best deals for wherever you want to go.
Kayak, Priceline, Hotwire.
The Idea:
Travel Yourself interesting, travel is a necessity.
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