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Intrinsic Motivation in Education

For Dakota Character training in March 2011

Scott Simpson

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Intrinsic Motivation in Education

Motivation Based on 1500 classroom observatons, in 85 percent of the classrooms observed, fewer than half of the students were paying attention. Mike Schmoker (2006) Human Histogram What do we learn about OUR attitudes?
What do we learn about OUR schools?
Do our PRACTICES match our VALUES?

What about YOUR "none of the aboves"? Dr. Scott Simpson,
Educational Specialist, TIE "When 30 percent of our ninth-graders (ultimately) fail to finish high-school with a diploma, we are dealing with a crisis that has frightening implications for our... future."
Christopher Swanson,
Director of the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center Hollywood has known there's a problem for a long time... Our kids post the problem on YouTube... What do WE typically do about it?
What do WE want to do about it? What's the research
telling us? (Intrinsic) Needs-Satisfying Planning Linkages with Character Performance concept
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