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Hunting during the Renaissance

No description

Collin Goveia

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Hunting during the Renaissance

Hunting During the Renaissance By Collin Goveia Training Boars/Hogs Rabbits Fishing Weapons used for Hunting Animals hunted using dogs Hawking The Noblest Animal Greyhounds Hawking was a method were trained falcons would catch prey and bring the prey to the owner of the hawk. Greyhounds were a valuable source involved with hunting. These dogs were used to catch prey and bring the prey to their owner just like the falcon The nobles of the Renaissance fished using homemade baskets and nets. They used poles made of wood and lines made of horse hair. Also wired hooks and worms as bait were used. The weapons used were a bow an arrow or crossbow, a lance or spear, short bows and long bows. Horses played a huge part in hunting and transporting. To get to the prime hunting spot the nobles would ride the horse there and some times even hunt on the horse. Hunting was not only used for a food source but also for training. They would bring the animals they killed back to the market and sell the animals. Boars were one of the most caught animals. When hunted the nobles would gather the boars up and spear them. The rabbits were hunted by dogs chasing after them and also having ferrets go into the burrows and bring the rabbits back to the surface for the owner. The stag was the noblest animal hunted back during the renaissance. The stag was usually hunted with a group of dogs and bows and arrows, in order to stay out of range of the horns. Cod Cod was the main fish they tried to catch. They salted the cod and preserved them up to two years. Whaling Whale tongue was very valuable and most of the reason they hunted for whale. The people during the Renaissance built tall spotting towers and when they saw a whale, they would rush out to it in boats and kill it with harpoons. Horses Hunting Groups Most of the time nobles would hunt in large groups called hunting parties. In these hunting parties there were humans, dogs, spears, and arrows. Foxes Foxes were hunted by letting the dogs loose and the dogs would chase them down and then tear the foxes apart. Tusks The tusks of the boars would be sold at the local markets and some would be kept by the hunter as a prise. Hunting Hunting during the Renaissance is totally different from the current hunting we know about. With out the hunting back during the Renaissance, we would not know about some of the techniques we do now.
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