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Maine PM

No description


on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Maine PM

Maine PM
Economic Location
long sand beach
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Maine's Economy
Maine's History
Maine's Geography
Maine's Government
Road Trip Distance
This is a picture of long sand beaches ocean view and long sand beach.
maine is best known for lobster.

Maines state flower is a white pine cone and tassel.
Maines state tree is a white pine.
Maines state bird is a chickadee.
maines state insect a honey bee.
This is a picture of maines state capital building.
this is some of maine's geography
it has rocks, sand, grass ,and ocean
I think i have been here.
maine has a old boat that is still on water but is now a restraunt it is called dimilo's.
This is the lighthouse in maine where a ship crashed in between the rocks in the 1800's.thats when the light house was put up.they made sure that did not happen again.
maine has a big group of islands and it has 365of them so they call them the calander islands.
This is maines flag
augusta is maines state capital.
this one shows the
long beach.
and this one shows its ocean.
maines state nickname is pine tree state.
maines state fish is the landlocked salmon.
maines motto is I direct.
This is one of Maines historic lighthouses.It is on a pile of rocks looking over the ocean.Also it is shining its light into the sky.
Coos Canyon
This is a picture of the coastal botanical gardens.
it has flowers. also it has a lake and forest.
coos canyon is a place in maine where people come and hang out.it has a river going in a canyon with trees around.this gives you a taste of maines geography.

long sand beach to portland head lighthouse is 40 miles.
Portland head lighthouse to coos canyon is 20 miles.
and from coos canyon to augusta is 70 miles.
and from augusta to mains coastal botanical gardens
Then from maines coastal gardens to wce it is 2,126 miles.
and the whole road trip distance is 160 miles.
this is a maine quarter.it has a light house ans a boat in the sea.Also the light in the light house is shining.
Augusta is maines capital.
Maines state capital building is in augusta because augusta is Maines state capital.
portland lighthouse
This is a road map of maine.
This is a topographic map of Maine.
this is a climate map of Maine.
this is a political map of maine.
this is a picture of part of Augusta.
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