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1-The Exceptional Learner

No description

Samantha Henderson

on 12 August 2017

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Transcript of 1-The Exceptional Learner

The Exceptional Learner
What does "exceptional" mean?
Who is "exceptional"?
Federal Disability Rate = 12.9%
Disability Rate in Missouri = 12.89%
Males make up 67% of students identified with disabilities
Black students are over-identified as mentally retarded/intellectually disabled and as emotionally disturbed
Gifted Rate in Missouri = 4%
Gifted ed is not mandated in Missouri or in many other states
English Learners Rate in Missouri = 2.6%
Disability Categories
3.40% Specific Learning Disability
2.61% Other Health Impairment
2.05% Speech Impairment
1.12% Language Impairment
1.07% Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation)
1.18% Autism
0.73% Emotional Disturbance
0.30% Young Child with a Developmental Delay
0.16% Multiple Disabilities
0.13% Hearing Impairment
0.05% Orthopedic Impairment
0.05% Visual Impairment
0.04% Traumatic Brain Injury
0.00% Deaf/Blindness
Using Person-First Language
Be cautious with labels
"Exceptional" rather than "disabled"
"Person with a ____" rather than "____ed person"
"Samantha" rather than "person with ____"
"Our students" not "your students"
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