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Hariesh J

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Overfishing

BY: HARIESH JEEVARAJAH WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF OVERFISHING TUNA High Demand for fish in the global market especially tuna Fish are very valuable resources, in 2004 fish were worth $71 billion and provided 28.5 million people a job globally Tuna is the 3rd most globally traded fish right after shrimp and ground fish Exports of tuna in Canada exceed $6 billion (US) annually 7 Main Species of tuna Big-eye Atlantic, Pacific & Southern Bluefin Tuna Skip-jack Albacore WORKS CITED TEXT RESOURCES
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Overfishing PSA. Dir. Nicole ColieOlie119. YouTube. Overfishing.org, 12 Sept. 2008. Web. 02 June 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNDwSrRgtyA>. WHAT IS OVERFISHING All of tuna species have been significantly over fished for industrial and artistic uses In 2004:
17% of tuna stocks were over-exploited
52% were exploited
20% were moderately exploited
3% were underexploited
7% were depleted,
1% were recovering from depletion Thanks to overfishing global tuna stocks have severely decreased since the 1990s Yellow-fin Destructive Fishing Practices & the Enviornment Blast Fishing (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Explosives dropped into water
Easy & cheap
Kills many fish Destroys physical environment
Kills other innocent organisms in the vicinity
Illegal to blast fish in most of the world Bottom Trawling Most destructive method
A net is dragged accross the ocean floor
Kills hundreds of unwanted plants and animals known as bycatch or bykill
Detrimental to ocean health Cyanide Fishing Used to catch fish for aquariums
Sodium cyanide mixture stuns the fish
Hurts targeted fish and surrounding marine organisms Fish Farming using smaller fish to feed larger fish
extremely wasteful method Many people include fish in their daily diet Recreational uses like fishing sports and competitions (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr How Does Destructive Fishing Practices Effect the Canadian Environment and Society Overfishing Results in Unstable Ecosystems Food chains collapse = Unhealthy oceans Species Become Extinct Cannot Enjoy Natural Resource What You Can Do To Help Purchase Sustainable Seafood at the supermarket Eat seafood infrequently Avoid eating endangered species All of these methods kill or harm the surrounding environment and organisms. Over time these affects can have serious damage. Less fish for everyone :( Oceans are ruined and fish cannot be used How is the economy affected? Fishing is a source of countless jobs. Fishing provides the government stacks of money. Long-term protection of seafood is mainly conflicted by the short term economic demands. If Atlantic Canadian fishermen were to stop catching tuna the industry would lose over $5 million a year because Canada mainly exports tuna. The government would lose a huge portion of its revenue. What about if we stopped fishing? Lots of jobs in the Atlantic and Pacific provinces would be cut. What happened to fish overtime Fisherman thinking there is a lot of fish Recreational Fishing Ship harvesting tuna 1990 Now 1992 Atlantic Cod fisheries collape Cod fishing in the Atlantic is suspended Thousands of jobs were lost along with money Overfishing is still a threat against social and economic success 2015 If our harmful methods are continued Canada's History Bottom Trawling. Digital image. Bottom Trawling. Web. 02 June 2012. <http://sundaytimes.lk/110424/News/nws_20.html>.
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