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The BIM Manager - Asset or Overhead?

Does your business need a BIM Manager? How does the role fit into your BIM implementation strategy and beyond?

Darryl Store

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of The BIM Manager - Asset or Overhead?

BIM Manager Darryl Store Characteristics of a good BIM Manager BIM Manager for Unit Architects LLP Asset or Overhead? In AEC industry for 12 years BIM Manager for 3 BM Role size of company?
established user base?
project based?
Architect/Technician/other? Job Description guru status? knowledge
project delivery background
technology/process focused
good team skills
learn from mistakes
good teacher
takes a broader view
understanding of business within AEC
excellent communicator
good listener
not just a talker
enjoy reading How do I find/become a BM? recruit
convert CAD manager
grow your own
study? Utilise your BM Status Time Strategy leader
upper management understanding of BIM and BM role
power to invoke change users
BIM management
project work?
network implementation strategy
link with: management
project teams
site Benefits enabler
productivity x production staff
quality of information
fewer mistakes
potential to acquire more work
knowledge source
staff morale
always moving forward
competitive edge Tools access
BIM community
social media Do I need a BM? BIM champion?
super user?
who leads BIM implementation? BIM Implementation Strategy Assess gather and analyse information on corporate culture and company goals, existing people, processes and workflows Plan carry out implementation: software installation and optimisation, key user/end user training, project mentoring Solve comprehensive plan detailing: what work needs to be done, who will do it, when? Confirm: evaluate success of implementation and plan for the future including: ongoing training, mentoring and support needs, process of adding new users, software updates and upgrades. Pressures of being a BIM Manager multiple projects = multiple deadlines
pressure from upper management
demand from users
users who resist change
users who are good at BIM
software issues
software updates/upgrades
BIM coordination
manage/update standards, templates, etc. BIM Manager
BIM Coordinator
BIM/CAD Manager
BIM Specialist Title? prezi.com - search: BIM Manager twitter: darrylstore76
blog: blogspot.revitrandoms.com Pitfalls Resources: project time vs BM time
Lack of job description
Lack of user training
No Budget manage software incl. new versions and updates
manage implementation of BIM tools
evaluate new BIM technology and software
stay informed on best practices Standards Software Management Training Support Projects develop, implement, and enforce BIM standards
quality control
oversee users to ensure standards compliance
develop BIM documentation and workflow procedures
setup and maintain company wide library future BIM strategy for technology adoption that aligns with company goals
chair company BIM committee
create implementation strategy
report on implementation progress and forecast hardware and network support related to BIM
troubleshoot day to day issues
liaise with software vendors and BIM community internal training for staff - beginner and intermediate
continuous training sessions to maintain skill levels
follow-up training for more advanced users
attend conferences, workshops for BIM and disseminate information back to users stay hands on in projects
BIM project setup
determine LODS
coordinate standards with outside consultants, clients
linking outside data into project (IPD)
coordinate clashes
assist with project work
create required content
plan project workflows
maintain data integrity
perform analysis and simulations THE
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