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The Revolutionary War

No description

Linda Call

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The Revolutionary War

The Proclamation of 1763
Declaration p

The king forbade the colonists to go passed the Appalachian Mountains, because he couldn't pay for their protection.

Cause: French and Indian War (1773)
Effect: Colonists were not happy
By Jordan Call
In Mrs. R ush's Class
Declaration of Independence

A polite letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the king breaking all ties with England.
Treaty of Paris
The end of the Revolutionary War.
The Tea Act
The King Taxed their tea with out representation.
Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence.
The Quartering Act
The colonists were forced to house and feed british soldiers.
Cause: The king couldn't pay it for himself.
Effect: Colonists were not happy.
The king tried to raise money.
Colonists were not happy and Boston Tea Party.
Boston Massacre
The first bloodshed of the Revolutionary War.
Cause: Tension between soldiers and colonists.
Effect: Five colonists were killed, the colonists were not happy, and it was the first blood shed.
Battle of Long Island
It was the first battle after the Declaration of Independence, between the colonists and the British. British were victorious and won New York.
The Battle of Trenton/ Princeton
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was an important person, because he helped campaign for the colonist in England. This later helped convince the French to help , which eventually won the war.
Franklin was also a Founding Father.
Sybil Ludington
A 16 year old heroine of the war who warned the colonists of the British marching to Lexington and Concord. (She rode more than twice the distance of Paul Revere.)
Liberty Kids!
Sarah Fulton
She Helped Organize the Boston Tea Party. She also helped wounded soldiers at Bunker Hill.
Battle of Yorktown
The battle was won by the colonists in New Jersey. The fight between England and the colonists gave control to the Americans and gained more confidence in them.
The last official battle of the war. Between the British and the colonists, (and the French,) the Americans won in Virginia. We won the war.
The Appalachian Mountains.
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