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Aerospace Engineer

No description

Daniel Magallon

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Aerospace Engineer

Starting Salary
The average starting salary is at a projected salary of 61,753- 65,003.
Employers Expectations
Critical Thinking
You will have to keep organized and know how to work by yourself most of the time.
Complex Problem Solving
Active Listening
Attention to Detail
Appropriate Work Habits
Requirements to Advance Position and Career Opportunities
When you are barely starting off in this career you will have a basic training most likely in a classroom, once you have enough experience as an aerospace engineer you will get assigned larger tasks, when you show you have surpassed the large tasks you will get promoted into people that teach the people that are starting off or just in charge of everybody as a head supervisor.
Aerospace Engineer
The percentage of a Bachelor's degree required in this career is 77%, and the percentage of a Master's degree need is a very low percentage just at 14%, and lastly the percentage of a Post-secondary certificate is just as low as the Master's degree at 8%.
The appropriate work habits for an Aerospace engineer is to be able to work by yourself and to have your work organized.
The requirements to have a job this career is to basically have a bachelor's degree or higher, to be well organized when working at your office, and generally know how to work by yourself.
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