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morgan stoltz

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Cyberbullying

what is Cyberbullying?
The definition of Cyberbullying is the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages. It is usually done anonymously.
how to prevent cyberbullying
You may think because you go to school with those students, it's easy for the school to step in and stop it. Schools actually can't. It's stepping in the privacy of students and over their point of authority. But here are tips for you.
Cyberbullying is not cool. It takes lives. It hurts others. Drama is the main cause of most of that. Even though you may not know your rude comment was cyberbullying, it was. The point is, avoid negative comments or posts. You don't know what those people have gone through and walked in their shoes. If you are or were ever cyberbullied, never respond and always take it to an adult or officer.
Examples of cyberbullying are:
Text messages
Social Networks (Facebook)
and emails.
why cyberbullying is different?
The reason cyberbullying is different from bullying, bullying takes place in person. You can actually get away from them. With cyberbullying, people can hide behind a screen and because social networks never shut off, they are there 24/7. Also, once a post is up, everyone can see it.
tips on stopping cyberbullying
Don't Respond
Responding is one of the worst things you can do. It shows the other person/ people that what they're doing is working and its bugging you.
Don't Retaliate

Meaning don't '
get even
' it just gets you in the same amount of trouble.
Save Evidence
If you get nasty emails or social network posts, print them out. Don't delete text messages either.
Talk to a Trusted Adult
It could be your parents, a student counselor, a teacher or anyone over 18, because you deserve backup. If you're too embarrassed about the situation its easy for you to do it anonymously.
Block the Bully
Almost every device or network allows you to block people, so block them and they can't bug you anymore.
Be Civil
Obviously you're mad at them for what they are saying, but be the better person and don't stoop down to their level .
Be a Friend, Not a Bystander
Simply said, step in. Even though you had nothing to do with what's going, you should defend the victim. One reason that shines out among the others, you could save their life.
in conclusion
videos and picture
links and stuff
stop cyberbullying pic
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