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Sierra C

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of GATTACA

What does this mean in the context of Vincent's struggle to overcome his perceive genetic disadvantages?
"There is no gene for the human spirit."
While everyone knew Vincent was a degenerate and had faults in his genes, no one really understood who he was or his spirit.

His father told him that the only way he would get into GATTACA was if he was cleaning it.
Spirit is not as obvious or as clear as genes can be or appear.
Vincent was really fighting back against his spirit by changing his identity, more than he was fighting against his genes.
The whole time, it was really Vincent vs. his spirit, not Vincent vs. his genes.
Vincent didn't get his passion for traveling into space from his parents, who did not even believe in his dream. That came from his experiences and interests.
While almost every other aspect of a human relies on genetics in someway, your spirit really comes through experience.
Is nature more important than nurture in determining the success of a person?
A person can ultimately, with hard work, overcome challenges that their genes may give them.

Vincent overcame his short life expectancy and heart condition by going into space and putting in lots of effort to get into GATTACA.
Both nature and nurture play major roles in determining success, but...
Nurture gives a person their personality, which includes determination, work ethic, and enthusiasm. All of which are things that are more important than genes in determining success.
Nurture is more important in determing success overall.

By Sierra Colon and Caleigh Holton
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